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    Question: Re: Anyone been to The Grove at Ole Miss?

    I agree I will add though it would be alot more fun for a single man because the talent level from the ladies is very impressive.
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    Re: 2017 S JaCoby Stevens Updates

    To use horse racing talk, this one will go down to the wire with us and UGA. Hope he picks us would be a great pick up.
  3. Re: Thoughts on the Newest Staff Hire - UCF Head Coach Terry Rooney?

    Jake Wells he followed the new coach from La Tech.
  4. Re: 5-7 teams going to the back of the bowl selection

    Very true I understand bowls create revenue and people enjoy them, but they have to many. I think a team should have at least 7 wins too be considered for a invite which would mean less bowls.
  5. Re: 2016 NCAA Baseball Regionals-Super Regionals

    Good win for Coastal.
  6. Re: Jake Wells hired as new Bama hitting coach

    I looked at batting stats for them and us this year. They had five hitters that batted over 300 and another at 288. Compared to Bama we had one at 291 and it dropped from there. The only guy we had...
  7. Re: DA ops not to press charges on Cam and Hootie...

    Yes they will so will the Finebaum show!
  8. Poll: Re: Must be a proven Head coach or Good assistant is fine

    [QUOTE=bamamick;2833225]I am ready for some solid news, and I doubt seriously if we coax anyone away from an Omaha-bound squad. But heck, if that is the plan when will be the earliest we hear...
  9. Re: *** 2017 Najee Harris Commits to Alabama ***

    That was crazy he made some good defensive backs look awful.
  10. Link: Re: *** QB Mac Jones Flips from Kentucky to Alabama ***

    I agree being honest with these kids pays off, I am glad our coaches are up front and honest with these kids instead of doing what some other staffs do......
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    Re: 2016 SG Terrance Ferguson

    I don't have a link but I see where 247 sports is reporting this kid is expected to start playing ball overseas soon and will not be enrolling at Arizona. I guess we did not miss out on much after...
  12. Poll: Re: Must be a proven Head coach or Good assistant is fine

    Would be a great hire.
  13. Poll: Re: Must be a proven Head coach or Good assistant is fine

    I hope a proven Head Coach is hired. This team has tons of talent a proven guy could really turn them around quickly. IMO
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    Link: Re: Gaspard resigns

    Not sure of his name as it is failing me right now. How about the coach from Dallas Baptist. They have a pretty good program at that school.
  15. Link: Re: Recruits dish on college football uniforms

    Boy you can tell it is the off season. I could care less what recruits say about our uniforms. Uniforms don't win championships. If a kid refuses to sign with us because he has a issue with the...
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