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  1. Re: What was the moment when Alabama became more than a football team to you?

    My Dad loved Coach Bryant. We would sit in our den in Chicago drinking coke from the glass bottle and eating roast beef sandwiches on rye. Good memories. Plus I'm an alumni
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    Re: 30 for 30: The '85 Bears

    as a lifelong Bears fan that was one of the best moments in my life. Wish Payton had scored though....
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    R.I.P. John David Crow

    no link yet but ESPN just sent out a tweet
  4. Re: Apple TV: does anyone have it and if so do you like it?

    Have had one for 2+ years and love it
  5. Re: Michigan State vs Alabama Hockey National Championship Tournament

    Florida Gulf Coast has a team? :conf2:
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    Re: What do in San Franciso & San Jose

    If you're a golfer, a visit to Pebble Beach is a must
  7. Re: ESPN's Olbermann won't host show this week over Penn State tweets

    I tape ESPNFC everyday and always get the first two minutes of his show. I fast forward to the end....
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    Jarrett Johnson retires

    Great Bama representative in the pros
  9. Re: Do we have a new DB coach yet?

    As a Bears fan I'll echo what many have already said. It was a combination of him being overwhelmed as the DC and there was just not talent to coach (pretty much any decent player was hurt). I'm...
  10. Re: Alabama players react live to Ohio State-Oregon in CFP championship

    but the player's grammar leaves a LOT to be desired...smh
  11. Re: LSU has been in Contact with Alabama DC Kirby Smart, Bears DC Mel Tucker About Jo

    <-Bears fan. Have you SEEN our defense the last 2 years?!?!? PLEASE take Mel!
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    Re: Direct TV is finally going to support WatchEspn

    Yea! My buddy loaned me his Xfinity login that I use for now
  13. Re: OK State AD wants Oregon and N Carolina on schedule

    My niece is an OSU grad so I would love to see that and make them relevant again
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    Re: Brady Hoke Fired By Michigan

    that was the worst kept secret in the world
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    Re: Say Something Good About Mitippi Tate

    The tailgating they do in the outfield at baseball games is pretty cool
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