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    Re: ****Bama vs. Hogs Postgame Headache Thread****

    May I join you?
  2. Re: Breaking: FSU and TPD covered up the Winston case

    I couldn't agree more. If something like this happened at Alabama and they acted in this way I'd truly renounce all allegiance to the school, (not that they'd care).

    When you think about past...
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    Re: Bama "Fan" DisOwns The Tide On Video

    Surely you forgot the blue font. She could scare a hungry bulldog off the back of a meat wagon.
  4. Gary Danielson says it's not Alabama, but rest of SEC, that's different. Link

    To paraphrase Danielson thinks the rest of the SEC has improved and even past Bama teams would have a problem beating...
  5. Link: Re: Austin Shepherd on Leon Brown- "He's got to be more mentally prepared".

    In my 35 years in business I've never made a negative or remotely non-positive statement about a subordinate or a colleague in front of anyone else. If someone needs corrective instruction that's...
  6. JessN: Re: Ole Miss wrapup: If Alabama wants to be the best, it must play that way

    I may be wrong but CNS's focus on perfection may bleed in to how some players play. Sometimes they play like they're afraid they'll make a mistake.
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    Re: The Arkansas Test

    Thank you for that. Not that I'm superstitious.
  8. Re: Playing Not to Lose. Is this our real problem???

    I think CNS has the same problem Coach Bryant had wanting players to play under control. Problem is sometimes you need to loosen the reins a bit.

    Coach Bryant lost more games trying to keep his...
  9. Re: How I put the Ole Miss loss into perspective

    In my younger days I'd get really upset after a loss and it would effect me for a few days. Friends and family would ask why I took it so seriously and truly I had no real answer for that.

    As I've...
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    Question: Re: What Happened to Our WR Rotation?

    I don't know if run blocking is the issue unless you count the few plays where we throw the ball to a WR at the line of scrimmage. As far as run blocking is concerned our TE's are terrible at it. I...
  11. Re: Alabama can still win their way to a championship

    Who knows how this season will wind up. It's already been one of the most unusual I've seen in a while.

    I doubt there will be an undefeated team by the end of the year but we definitely have to...
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    Re: Long time lurker 1st post

    Are you talking about one of THE Bama twins that used to show up in every photograph taken a few years back?
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    Link: Re: Ol Miss celebration

    I don't know if they tore the goal post down in Jackson Mississippi in 1976 but that's the only game of any type I thought I might have to shoot my way out of town. At one point a crowd was around my...
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    Re: What if players return

    If McClain had played that year we probably don't lose to anybody. Everybody on the team was afraid of him. He kept everyone in line when he was there. On top of that Hightower was coming off...
  15. Re: Holding call on the final drive looked familiar

    I haven't seen the replay on the OJ Howard hold in question but I have seen the holding call play in the AU game where TJ was got a 1st and goal at the 2.

    In the AU play OJ had his hands legally...
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