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    Re: David Shaw on Satellite Camps

    Not to quibble, but wasn't his dad on the coaching staff when he was playing?

    Slice it however you want to, I don't think there is a way to say it that isn't offensive to a lot of people,...
  2. Re: Tony Brown in trouble....again

    Because it is the ncaa, and apparently not impermissible benefits, two most likely things are academic shenanigans or PEDs. Not a lot else in their bag of tricks, really. I'd go with the latter. ...
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    Re: Plain Trouble on "Da Plains" (all AU posts here)

    Nothing good comes from a Barn win. Without regard to my personal feelings, I think the blueprint is out on how to stop their offense and I do not expect their defense to be much better....
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    Re: Update on TIDE-HSV

    Boy, you go on the road a day or two and you miss all sorts of stuff. Get well soon, Boss.
  5. Re: Sweeping Sexual Assault Filed against the Univ. of Tennessee

    I know nothing about the facts of this case except what has been in the news, but I suspect the under the water part of this iceberg is the special administrative hearing procedure. If you are the...
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    Re: Anyone Remember Clem Griscoe?

    He was a great man and knew more inside scoop on Alabama football than anyone. He had great stories but was also a great story teller. He could also be very kind. Case in point, my son had sort of...
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    Re: The Big 12 has a real problem.

    B1GTide hits the nail on the head again. It is not just who Texas ran off, it's that no program of any quality wants to come in there and be another Texas handmaiden. So they are basically stuck...
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    Re: ACC has new replay coordinator offical.

    Or nc vs. Clemson. Centralized review, like the nhl does, might help.
  9. Re: Yahoo Sources: NCAA to formally charge Mississippi with rules violations

    Maybe the NZAA will surprise me, but I think they've been neutered. Mississippi will lawyer-up, deny everything, and end up losing one scholarship and in-home basketball recruiting (ladies) for a...
  10. Re: Odds on Bama Starting QB Next Year - Post Yours and Reason Why

    It's a little bit of an odd situation, because I think we run a different offense behind BB than we do CB. Historically Saban has put the upper classman in the lead role until someone overtakes him....
  11. Re: Punishment for a child who likes Vile uniforms?

    Go to farmers market. Buy a pumpkin. Cut the top off and have him scoop it out. Should do the job. It ain't that orange you can set with.
  12. Question: Which play from this season would you add to the pre game video

    That plays in BDS? Don't forget the defense.
  13. Re: Why havent the players carried Coach Saban on their shoulders after winning a tit

    FWIW, I think dumping liquid on the head coach is a stupid "tradition" and wish it would die.... I was sort of hoping that this team's leadership would demonstrate more imagination. Oh well. ...
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    Re: Harbaugh climbs tree

    It is just weird.
  15. News Article: Re: National Championship Cans Why not bottles I wonder

    Bottles in the spring, don't ask me how I know, but trust me.
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