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  1. News Article: Re: Dak Prescott: MSU Just Needed One More Drive to Beat Alabama

    I can think of plenty games where one more drive would have won games for every team out there. But a loss is still a loss, no matter what coulda woulda shoulda.
  2. Re: Speculation Confirmed: Barners Would Rather Witness a Win Against Bama than a NC!

    Ha-ha! I love the look on their faces!
  3. Re: Speculation Confirmed: Barners Would Rather Witness a Win Against Bama than a NC!

    I used to pull for them when they didn't play Bama. Now, I'm married to an aubie who pulls against my beloved Tide every week. So I'd have no qualms if they never won another game...especially in...
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    Re: Roy Adams (aka TennStud) dead

    Better for me to simply not say anything about this guy. TideEngineer08 said it all already.
  5. Re: Reporters Pick Auburn To Win SEC But Alabama To Win The West.....

    That should tell you all you need to know about news "journalists", sportswriters and reporters...and why Coach Bryant generally loathed their existence! They are not the brightest bulbs in the box.
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    Re: Doug Layton has passed away

    Very sad to read this. I absolutely loved listening to Doug Layton and John Forney. They were the best ever!!!
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    Re: LSU filing for bankruptcy? Looks likely!

    Or the Red Elephant Club!
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    Link: Re: Interesting take on Bama QBs from SDS...

    I'm sure it may have just been the A-Day game situation overall, but I wasn't impressed with any of our QB's. Of course, I wasn't impressed with Blake Sims last spring and he had a great year. ...
  9. Re: Jameis Winston Says Stolen Crab Legs Were Given to Him

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    Re: Favorite players from your childhood

    It's a tie between Johnny Musso and Joe Namath, although I was a junior in high school during Musso's senior season.
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    Question: Re: Braxton Miller to UA?

    Hmmm...I find that difficult to believe. But nothing surprises me anymore these days.
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    Re: Bill Battle on replacing Nick Saban

    I don't really want to think about who is going to replace Saban right now. I'm glad that won't be my decision. The thought of CNS leaving one day is a little mind-numbing to me, but we all know...
  13. News Article: Re: Jameis Winston Civil Suit - Chickens Come Home

    If the accusations against JW are true, then he deserves everything he gets.
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    A-Day Game on ESPN or Online?

    I probably missed it somewhere, but I was told today that Alabama's spring game will not be televised. Is that correct? Can anybody tell me where to watch the game if I'm not going?
  15. Re: Jalston Fowler Honored at his former High school

    Nudie is one of my all time favorite Tide players. What a fine young man!
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