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  1. Re: For those wondering what happened to Marlon Humphrey....

    Yep...the same guy...David Kimani...also won the 3,000m race that meet as well. He beat out the best 4 distance runners from Arkansas...guys that were the best in the nation and later went on to run...
  2. Re: For those wondering what happened to Marlon Humphrey....

    Good track is a truly exciting sport to watch.

    Bad track is the most boring sport in the world.

    I know...track was my life for the better part of a decade. I was the manager of the men's track...
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    Re: New UA tags

    Looks like the one they made around 2000. I remember having one on my car when I was a student.
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    Re: The Playoff Committee can claim success

    Happens all the time. Most of them have occurred in the SECCG since 2008.

    I honestly think Bama(1) vs. FSU(4) and Oregon(2) vs. tOSU(3) would have been a better seeding and eventual Championship...
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    Re: AP All-SEC Teams Announced

    That is correct...but Blake beats him in every other category as a QB. I'm sure everyone remembers the Bama/MSU game. Dak lost that game due to his mistakes as a QB...and Blake won it.

    At the end...
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    Re: AP All-SEC Teams Announced

    At the end of the season, Blake Sims passed Dak Prescott in pretty much every measurable category for a passing QB. I guess everyone turned in their ballots in early November?
  7. Re: Say something nice about Ohio State thread.

    I've done quite a bit of work with Huntington Bank up there and I really like the Easton Station area. I just didn't care for it when the snow season started. ;)
  8. Re: Bret Bielema in serious talk with Nebraska

    He has a good thing going in Fayetteville right now. He almost beat the #1 team in the nation...then he shutout LSU and Ole Miss. They are going to a bowl he gets that much more practice...
  9. Poll: Re: If Coach Mac is hired by Florida, are you going to root for them more?

    As long as they beat UT, FSU, and LSU I will be happy.

    The only real threat I see with Coach Mac going to Florida is him putting a crimp on our recruiting. We have an unbelievable pipeline in...
  10. Re: Alex Scarborough: Cooper has had enough Heisman moments to earn the trip to New Y

    If the Honey Badger got a ticket to can be assured that Cooper will as well.
  11. Re: UAB fires AD and is planning to shut down UAB football program

    I've been on the waiting list since January of I think I know the answer.
  12. Question: Re: If we beat Auburn, will they replace Gus?

    it's also worth noting that Malzahn's scheme will allow him to win 8-10 games per season based on talent at the skill positions alone

    So he will never have a team that goes under .500 due to the...
  13. Question: Re: If we beat Auburn, will they replace Gus?

    I was thinking the same thing...Eugene is still owed a few million dollars through the Spring of 2016.

    No way Gus gets fired though. He is the best coach they could have ever dreamed to hire. His...
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    Re: Greatest QB's in Alabama history

    Alabama never really "coached up" the QBs during the Bryant era...compared to the way it's done today.

    That is why many of Coach Bryant's QBs went on to be greater in the NFL statistically than...
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    Re: Bill Battle email re: Saturday?

    Maybe some kind of thing for the Iron Bowl? Like the Beat Auburn Beat Hunger campaign they do every year. Maybe there is something new this year and it would start after the game this weekend.
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