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    Re: Why do we hate Lane Kiffin again?

    He's an asst coach. Will be relegated to the press box with no contact with the media. He'll be a ghost. I wouldnt have been able to identify Nussmeir had he he bumped into me in the produce aisle at...
  2. Re: Dr. Kevin Elko to Coach Saban "It's time to reinvent and rebuild the whole thing.

    Dr. Elko is definitely not talking about X and O's. It's a miracle that we got as far as we got with all the attitudes of our kids this year. I think we see a return of a much tougher Saban on the...
  3. Re: Let's discuss Bama's 2014 quarterback situation.

    FWIW, I am hearing strongly Luke Del Rio. An athletic McElroy and one of those 3 stars that was a diamond in the rough. We polished him up and will be ready for prime time.
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    Re: Army vs. Navy Who you Got?

    I love this game so much. I dont care who wins. All those kids are winners in my heart! ROll Tide, Go Navy, Go Army!
  5. Re: New Discussion Thread on Possible Coaching Changes...

    Now Texas fans are spinning it that they chose Mac or successor OVER CNS! Believe that arrogance? Roll Tide!
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    Re: Who Thinks This Year Has Been A Failure ?

    The season was an absolute failure. Of course it was a complete failure. We play for national championships at Alabama. We got beat by our arch rival who is now playing for the national championship....
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    Game Thread Re: ****Bama vs. The Barn - 2nd Half****

    Sit TJ. Run Kenyan and throw to OJ and Kevin. Win.
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    Game Thread Re: ****Bama vs. The Barn****

    Great touch on that throw AJ. We wont trail again......
  9. Link: Re: WSJ Article with Mrs. Terry: Bama fans are unappreciative, but we're not leaving

    If the Sabans need to learn anything about where we are as a culture, where we are as a society, they need to learn that today it is solely about winning. So regardless of the contribution of a coach...
  10. Link: Re: WSJ Article with Mrs. Terry: Bama fans are unappreciative, but we're not leaving

    It is my strong belief that this "crossroads" that Mrs. Terry speaks of, that she believes, "they are there about now", will be the source of what causes CNS to retire if we 3 peat. There is a...
  11. JessN: Re: UTC preview: Early lead, mass substitutions, no injuries are the goals

    Im hearing a whole lot of Derrick Henry. CNS not happy with the fumbles and he is gonna give the kid a lot of time to show what he's got.
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    Re: ****Bama vs. MSU PreGame Thread****

    7 hours ahead. Game time kickoff is 130am here. Already dozing off. Probably watch the first half or until the 2's come in......dont tell CNS. :)
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    Re: ****Bama vs. MSU PreGame Thread****

    Roll Tide from The Netherlands. Watching today on Slingbox. Roll Tide Roll!
  14. Re: Any guess how much BCS title tickets in Pasadena will cost in the secondary marke

    Its much bigger than both Sun Life Stadium and The Superdome by like 20,000 extra seats. Holds about 93,000. Bigger than it looks. :)
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    Re: Updated BCS title game lines

    Boils down to matchups. The biggest and the deciding factor especially in the case of FSU. Jimbo V CNS, Winston V McCarron. The biggest stage. Who wins on that kind of stage. I take Bama easily.
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