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    JessN: Re: FYI, previews are starting soon.

    It's a goodie! Getting close to my favorite time of the year. And Jess' previews are one of my favorite gifts of the season, along with his pre-game analyses throughout the year.
  2. Re: Athlon's College Football's Coach on the Hot Seat Rankings for 2014

    It was nice to see Charley Weiss on the list. I always thought that he was one of the worst coaches in CFB.
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    Re: So this Johnny Manziel photo...

    We used to go to a lot of Jets games when I was a kid growing up in the NYC area. Joe moved back from under center about as fast as my grandmother would have. But once he set up in the pocket, he...
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    Link: Re: Greg McElroy breaks down Auburn's offense

    I really like this analogy. A similar one that I came up with was was the difference between the approaches of the German and US forces in WWII. The Germans were very highly trained but inflexible....
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    Re: No more "kinder and gentler"?

    I never meant to imply Auburn was in the right or not guilty. They were neither. But the NCAA was a bully. They did not follow their own rules, and their investigations and punishments were not...
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    Re: No more "kinder and gentler"?

    The NCAA did not allow AU to skate because they were protecting the Oregon-TCU title game. The NCAA gets nothing from the BCS (unlike from March Madness) and so did not care about the MNC game. ...
  7. Re: Tray Matthews Dismissed from Georgia

    Look Mommy! There goes the Gus Bus!!!
  8. Re: Tray Matthews Dismissed from Georgia

    At least at the Barn he will never have to worry about getting kicked out of a class again. He will not have to darken the door of a classroom on the Plains.
  9. Re: HUNH, No Substitutions, Fatigue and Sports Injuries

    I think that the real problem with the HUNH not that the plays are speeded up but the officials are allowing themselves to be bullied into also speeding up the time between plays, spotting the ball...
  10. Re: Jameis Winston arrested for shoplifting crab legs at Publix

    His thought process:

    "Got this down. Practiced it with coach a lot. Run seafood 01. Step 1: Go into Publix. Step 2: Go to seafood counter. Step 3: Order crab legs. Step 4: Leave store...
  11. Question: Re: Is the committee that formed the Playoff system going to regret it?

    They are not going to regret it. They are going to be overjoyed when they see how much cash those two extra games will bring in. But the system will not last long. They will expand it to eight...
  12. Re: Aj McCarron

    Actually, I think that being a backup QB is about the best job in the NFL that there is. You wear a headset, carry a clipboard, pat the starter's butt when he goes in or comes out on each series and...
  13. Re: Aj McCarron

    Not too shabby, especially compared to what the typical BA grad from UA will be starting at this year. $600K a year should cover Ms. Webb's yearly shoe bill. Barely.
  14. Re: Aj McCarron

    What sort of a contract and signing bonus can a player drafted in the 5th round expect to walk away with? Just curious. I assume that is not 7 figures, but would guess the low to mid six figures.
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    Re: Let's Pick The First Ten Draft Picks

    Another QB chosen, and not AJ. Looking like 3rd round for him.
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