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    Link: Re: Where will Chip Kelly coach next season?

    To me, this is the weirdest stat on Coach HF (note: it comes from a numbers cruncher as a guest on a Sports Talk show, so fwiw): Apparently, when his guys are favored, he has the worst winning...
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    Link: Re: Possible Alzheimer's breakthough in Oz?

    My awesome pa-in-law's faith just became sight a couple of months ago after a few years of Alzheimer's. He stayed pretty high-function until he fell & broke his arm badly. Anesthesia + 85 years old...
  3. Re: Pretty good article about the money that Bama rolls in

    Yep. Back when I was a student @ UA (shortly after WW1 ;)), I think we were around 20k students. Good read!
  4. Re: The "Let's Complain About the Stadium Experience" Thread

    It was pretty brutal through my TV, so I 'spect I'd agree were I able to have been there.
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    Re: Happy "Back To The Future Day"!

    I agree w/ you, CT, in that the Cubs are a team I really like. Alas...
    But I still chuckled a while at my friend's post.

    Related aside to all: To me, a late Spring/early Summer afternoon game at...
  6. News Article: Re: Mississippi State Defense Takes a Hit - CB Will Redmond Reportedly Tears ACL

    My MSU buddy here in town is very upset about this injury. He says the depth behind Redmond is just not there.

    BTW, apparently it happened in practice yesterday from what I hear. (FWIW)
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    Re: Prayers for Kerry Goode

    I was there; amazing game all around. Hang in there, 35. Praying here.
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    Re: Happy "Back To The Future Day"!

    One of my friends posted this last night: "Back to the Future was sort of correct; the Cubs were, in fact, part of a sweep."
    Just brutal...and hilarious! :biggrin2:
  9. Re: ***Official Presidential Nomination Withdrawal Thread*****

    Scary statement, RJ. I keep wondering when I'll ever be able to vote for someone instead of always voting against someone.
  10. Link: Re: Johnny M has been a bad boy again, please grow up....jeez

    Some of us are already saying that, or some variant thereof. "Johnny Manziel...didn't he play @ TX A&M? Whatever became of that guy?"
  11. Re: Got to Attend the Red River Rivalry Saturday - Reflections

    Agreed on the Iron Bowls at Legion Field back in the when I was in school. A LOT of fun!

    The Shootout is on my bucket list of games to attend. One day...
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    Re: Ole Miss cornerback Tee Shepard leaves team

    Back in the late 70s, the Gators had a LB who was completely deaf. They used hand signals often, as this guy either started or played a bunch. (Now to be fair, this was when the Gators were NOT...
  13. Re: Georgia WR Mitchell explains what itís like to get trucked by Alabamaís Ragland

    Or he could possibly have gone for legendary Bama sideline reporter Jerry Duncan's take. (paraphrasing) Bama was playing someone that was MUCH bigger on the line than us. Supposedly, Jerry returned...
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    Re: 1993 Sugar Bowl Post-Game Coverage

    I was there w/ my Pa-in-Law. Fantastic memories! (Note: while I scored huge son-in-law points that night, I dropped way back in Husband/Dad points, as mrs. exiled stayed home with our then 3- &...
  15. Link: Re: NASA To Reveal 'Mars Mystery Solved' Monday
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