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  1. Link: Re: Bramlett and White Radio Call of the Personal Foul and Unsportsmanlike Penalties


    This graphic from SDS is interesting to me and completely refutes their argument about Bama having the refs in our back pocket. We are the 3rd most penalized team in the conference, and we...
  2. JessN: Re: Auburn wrap-up: Bama starts with Kick Five, ends with ‘Tractor’ pull

    Great read, as always! What baffles me about barn fans is they think once they get another scam or Nick Marshall, they will dominate again. Sure, they will be much improved over this year's version,...
  3. Link: Re: Bramlett and White Radio Call of the Personal Foul and Unsportsmanlike Penalties

    Hmmm...maybe it was more of what he was saying than the fact that he was riding the refs. Then again, they are gonna whine about anything that goes against them.
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    Re: Huge shout out to Adam Griffith

    I think his successes of late show just how much pain he had to be in last year. We had seen glimpses of how good he could be before his slump. Whenever I heard people complain, I wanted to scream....
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    Re: Auburn RB Peyton Barber on Alabama Defense

    Bless his little pea-pickin' heart (said in my most Southern drawl...)
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    Re: Slick field - one of their trick plays?

    EARLY in the game, one of our guys slipped, and I wondered why, but I didn't say anything about it. A short time later, my husband said something about it, so I knew then it wasn't just me. We've had...
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    Game Thread Re: Official Game Thread - Bama vs. AU...

    My thoughts as well. They haven't slipped once, yet we look like we're on ice.
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    Game Thread Re: Official Game Thread - Bama vs. AU...

    ROLL TIDE! I'm been pretty relaxed all day, but now that it's almost game time, my normal pre-game butterflies have shown up. I feel confident we will take care of business, though.
  9. Re: Official Pre-Game Thread - Bama vs. Cow College...

    Good afternoon, and ROLL TIDE! (I hope I haven't jinxed us by not making my usual good morning game-day post. LOL)
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    Re: OK, I'm a little worried AU

    I'm nervous, and I will get more nervous the closer to game time, but that is nothing new for me. I get butterflies before EVERY Bama game.

    I read a statement awbrin put out yesterday about...
  11. Re: Mandel: Balancing Your Bama Fatigue With Bama Facts

    I agree! I got in my vehicle the other day and the first thing I heard was how Bama has only one win against a top 25 team. That may be true today, but at the time we played a lot of our opponent,...
  12. Re: Down from Canada - Where to Tailgate at Auburn

    The week of the Tennessee game, a couple from Canada were sitting next to us. The lady and I were talking before the game started. She said they are in oil and gas, and had bought something here in...
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    Re: Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

    Happy Thanksgiving to all my Crimson brothers and sisters, as well as those posters here who aren't Bama fans but sure would be great ones if they would just convert. I hope everyone enjoys time with...
  14. Re: Wallace Gilberry caught doing random act of kindness

    How cool! Reading things like this about our former players gives me the warm fuzzies and makes my Crimson heart swell with pride! Far too many times, the headlines read "<Insert player's name here>...
  15. News Article: Re: Adam Griffith opens up about life after Kick Six

    Well, from what I've heard, he had an amazing game against the unstoppable Idaho Mashed Tater Vandals. LOL
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