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  1. Re: Down from Canada - Where to Tailgate at Auburn

    We will have 5 RV's parked in the north side grass area off West Samford. 4 are Bama fans so come on by. Look for the grey Uno Mas flags below the Bama flags. It's the far left parking area on the...
  2. Re: Stay classy, ut - chancellor and AD apologize for fan behavior...

    Ole Miss students were chanting it Saturday so it's become pretty common unfortunately.

    Of course, they had some great fans that day. Nothing but positives to say about the trip.
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    Re: RV parking at Ole Miss game

    Just sent you a PM with my number to call regarding the spot.
  4. Re: Where are Alabama seats located in Neyland Stadium

    They put 90% of the visitors seats in a ring around the top of the south end of the stadium. Something like GG through QQ, but the top 25 rows or so. It might be different this year, but two years...
  5. Re: Whose going to the Bama vs Auburn game (iron bowl)

    I'm going again this year and have been to many of the Iron Bowls down there without problems. Just like everywhere else - most everybody is great and just have to ignore the lunatic fringe!
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    Re: Who Is Making The Trip To Lexington?

    I know 116 and 117 are Bama as well. We're in 117 and got them through Tide Pride.
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    Re: Thoughts about Kentucky

    Last time they stayed at the Hyatt Regency downtown (next to Rupp Arena). I was lucky and got a room there using points and was on the same floor as many of the players including Terrence Cody. I...
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    Re: Who Is Making The Trip To Lexington?

    Driving up from Atlanta and going to Keeneland Saturday before the game. Can't wait!
  9. Re: How's work going today? Concentrating on your job?

    It's very strange being in the office on gameday and not out tailgating. Sure wish I was in Miami right now!
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    Re: To Those Going Without a Ticket

    Please no - enough rules already!
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    Re: Bama Sleeping Arrangements

    The team returned to the Marriott on Canal last year after the game so were they switching for a third time? Just curious.
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    Re: This Will End The CNS Leaving Conversation

    IMO - The issue (for this year) was put to rest when AJ decided to return for his senior year. Don't think he would have done that knowing there was a chance Saban would be leaving.
  13. Need RV Parking Info for National Championship

    Does anyone have any info on RV Parking for the National Championship? Looks like they have day of parking but can't find anything for overnight.
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    Re: 1985 Bama / Georgia Game

    I was at Bama at the time but went to the game and sat in the Georgia student section. I didn't think I was going to make it out of there until we scored at the end. The student section emptied...
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    Re: Georgia Dome parking

    This morning they were still selling parking passes at The lots just around the Dome are fine, but don't got too far away unless you are parking back toward downtown. (east of the...
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