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  1. Link: Re: Four Critical Questions that will Determine the 2014 CFB Playoff

  2. Link: Re: Four Critical Questions that will Determine the 2014 CFB Playoff

    Just for all to know. Condi Rice (past Secretary of State), who I worked for 2 years
    when I did State Department work is on the 13 and she is a die hard B A M A fan.

    So, she will not let things...
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    Re: Former Bama QB Perry Cuda on DDD

    I live here in Summerville, SC where his hot dog place and believe me they are
    very, very good.

  4. Re: I found this hidden away in my Grandfather's home.

    I was riding submarines out of Groton, Ct. at that time and did not get one. I would like to
    have one at a reasonable price if you can.

    Contact me at

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    Re: HELLO! New Member

    Welcome aboard.....Ron
  6. Re: An Outsiders View (with Crimson tinted spectacles).

    Like your essay talking. Hope you like BAMA forever...Been to Scotland. Rode Submarines out
    of Dunoon for 4 years...

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    Re: The NCG Dilemma for this Alabama Fan

    BAMA to the end...Going with my wife's side this time....I hate them, but.....

    Go Noles and put another 80 up....
  8. JessN: Re: Bowl update: OU matchup a highlight, but not the only UA priority

    And ruin a red shirt on them for one game......I don't think so....
  9. Thread: Tickets

    by i26bamafan


    Does anyone know how to contact the barn on a net. I have 2 SEC championship
    tickets in the club level for sale.

    e-mail me at


  10. Re: Would you rather go watch the BCS title game in person or watch on your big scree

    i26bamafan here. In person and be there again and also gonna be in Pasadena again for the big one...

  11. Poll: Re: If we win the toss vs. A&M, offense or defense first?

    D E F E N S E 1st, then let them see A.J. and offense....

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    Re: 2013 schedule question

    Played at LSU 2 years in a row to accomandate the 2 new teams....

    But no one said anything. It was BAMA that hAd to do it. BAMA won both...
  13. Re: How Many Bama National Titles In Your Lifetime?(And Pick Your Favorite)

    Been to two.. 1979 in New Orleans. Still in the
    Navy. RMC(SS), instructor at FBM Training Center
    in Charleston, SC. Suprise xmas present from my
    DAD to be in New Orleans for the game...In the...
  14. Re: ****Official Post Game Thread - Bama vs. Notre Dame in the BSCCG****

    For me, this takes care of 1966.....
  15. Re: How's work going today? Concentrating on your job?

    No work....Retired for 2 years and right now starting to get a little
    nervous but getting ready......Ron
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