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  1. Link: Re: Wasn't sure on AJ for Heisman until I read this article

    CJ Mosley should be on the short list. Should have been last year. He had as good or better year than Teo and IMO he is the best player in the country.

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    Game Thread Re: Stanford - Oregon

    Stanford is like Alabama with 3 star athletes. Ducks are not a bad team, but they are not ready for the big boys.
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    Game Thread Re: Stanford - Oregon

    Oregon doesn't want Bama.

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    Re: Question about DVDs of Bama games

    I'd like to have last season. I got the last 2 championship seasons, but since the sec network took over, I can't seem to find last year's set.

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    News Article: Re: Utah HS FB Coach Suspends Entire Team

    Read the actual letter to the team. It's linked at the bottom. They are not missing a game. They are doing community service, study hall, and character development in lieu of practice. The kids that...
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    Game Thread Re: Louisville vs. Ohio

    It will probably happen, but the two of them are complete opposites.
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    Re: Va Tech's starting offensive line

    By my best count, we have 35 freshman and RS freshmen on our roster.

    I'd rather have ours.:biggrin2:
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    Re: Tennessee Gets a New Uniform

    I was thinking white pants with the grey jersey. I'd like to see us in Crimson and them in the nasty orange. I hate orange.
  9. Re: Johnny Manziel investigated by NCAA

    I keep hearing people say that without him they are a 8-4 or 9-3 team. I would say that's what they are with him as well. May score a few more points, but I just don't see them undefeated or winning...
  10. Re: Kenny Bell: "This Offense Can be Very Explosive"

    Pretty much that we are a running team, and receivers better catch the ball when it's thrown to them. No drops. Said if he was a QB and you dropped a pass, he wasn't throwing to you anymore.
  11. Re: LSU RB Jeremy Hill Charged With Simple Battery (Page 3)

    Did the players get to vote that he was back with no discipline whatsoever? Or did they just vote whether or not he was kicked off the team? In the second instance Les could suspend him 6 games or...
  12. Re: Cade Foster Talks About Kicking Duties in 2013 and Learning from Morton Anderson

    In his defense, It's hard to be real consistent when all your attempts are from 50 yards or so. Maybe kicking some of the short ones and extra points will give him confidence and consistency. Roll...
  13. News Article: Re: Northern perspective on football: SEC is best b/c the South cares more about foot

    As much as I hate UT, I have to say my trip up there was very nice. The fans offered up drinks, food, and tailgate games. Maybe because they knew a but whooping was about to commence. But, I left a...
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    Re: Manziel Sent Home from Manning Camp

    All I'll say about it is this, if he can't go out drinking & partying at his age, and get up the next morning, he's got a long road ahead of him. In my early twenties, I could party for days on end,...
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    Re: Urban Meyer rats out Florida?

    These things happen all the time. Coaches are always turning in other schools, and themselves. It's just not supposed to get out to the public. Makes for a good story though when a coach turns in his...
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