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  1. Re: Gun Control News (Bloomberg One Way, Harry Reid The Other)

    Well to be fair, Bloomturd thinks he's earning his way into Heaven by doing this - link
  2. Re: Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich forced to resign because he didn't support gay marriage.

    yet more proof that "gay rights" has become the militant Gay Reich
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    Re: Yellowstone to finally explode?

    meh, order through Amazon and get free shipping
  4. Re: Nate Silver Weighs In On The Pending Disaster

    I wish I still believed that.

    But when we see Boehner, McConnell, bending over and grabbing their ankles anytime a dem (or the press for that matter) looks at them; when Paul Ryan...
  5. Link: Re: Horrible News: Brent Musburger and Jesse Palmer are Lead SEC Network Announcers

    Keith Jackson gets my vote even if he is 86!
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    Re: Beer Lovers - Favorite Dark Beers

    Bristol Smokebrush Porter
    O'Dell Cutthroat Porter
    Deschutes Black Butte Porter
    Ouray Portland Creek Porter
    Bristol Winter Warlock
    Oskar Blues Ten FIDY
    Great Divide Oak Aged Yeti
    Old Dominion...
  7. Question: Re: Religious Freedom or Discrimination? How do you see the controversial AZ bill?

    Everyone loses when we let legislation be decided by whichever media outlet shouts their version of the story out the loudest irrespective of what the legislation actually says
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    Re: and now texas is turning gay

    evidently whoever they choose whether they want to or not
  9. Question: Re: Religious Freedom or Discrimination? How do you see the controversial AZ bill?

    then the Gay Reich will charge them with "hate speech"
  10. Re: 2012 Washington Times article - US Economy will crash 3/4/14

    We'll never make it to March 4.

    Ragnarok – the Viking Apocalypse – predicted for 22 February 2014
  11. Re: With the Stroke of Obama's Pen -- he saves the "Typical American Family" $8K in F

    There is no limit to what you can say when you know that no one (who counts) will hold you accountable.
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    Re: Eminent Domain Abuse

    6 of the 11 counties voted it down last Nov but it was closer than a lot expected which sent the message I think they had in mind.
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    Re: Eminent Domain Abuse

    Maybe - we're anticipating a major swing of the pendulum this fall election.
  14. Re: Report: O.J. Depressed To The Point Of Starving Himself To Death
  15. Re: Brave German woman rebukes Islam at the Church of Martin Luther

    Good for her and she's right, but I hope her life insurance is paid up.
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