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  1. Re: Rick Neuheisal on Oregon and the Playoff scenario

    Ugh. Double ugh. Triple ugh. Prayers for the young man.
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    Re: So Muschamp is in. Realistic expectations?

    That's a pretty tall order from a defense that finished this season ranked 50th in scoring defense this year.
  3. Link: Re: Barn has offered Muschamp (update: supposedly has accepted)

    Muschamp defenses are good, but nothing Alabama has really had much trouble with. I would be much more concerned if they managed a Kirby Smart-type DC.

    In all honesty, Ellis Johnson was also a...
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    Re: Same as it ever was in DC

    Felicia Day is originally from Huntsville.
  5. Re: Rick Neuheisal on Oregon and the Playoff scenario

    I missed it - I was trying to eyeball it.

    So, yes, OU has played 1, @ #24.
  6. Pre and Post Saban - Individual Award tallies

    In the years prior to Nick Saban coming to Alabama, we had 6 players win individual awards (please note, though, that a lot of these awards did not exist prior to the 80s and 90s, so the great teams...
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    Link: Re: Saban's pass defense explained...


    My brain hurts, and I'm pretty dang smart.
  8. Re: Rick Neuheisal on Oregon and the Playoff scenario

    True, but Alabama has faced two that meet that criteria (#12 Auburn, #20 MSU) and two more just shy of it (#28 Arky, #29 LSU) while Oregon hasn't faced any. FSU has faced two as well (#3 GT, #15...
  9. Re: Rick Neuheisal on Oregon and the Playoff scenario

    Don't take this personally, but that OL looks a bit smallish.

    By contrast:
    Cam Robinson - 6'6", 323
    Arie Kouandijo - 6'5", 315
    Ryan Kelly - 6'5", 296
    Leon Brown - 6'6", 320
    Austin Shepherd...
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    Re: Next Year's returning players

    I agree the defense should be stout - the only real issue will be (IMO) at the safety positions. Geno Smith has come on strong, but Collins will be hard to replace and Laurence Jones has played very...
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    Re: Interesting Stat - Saban in title games

    It may not be a "title" game, but it's a play in game for the playoffs. I think it counts for this purpose. ;p
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    Link: Re: Our "new" uniforms for the game unveiled

    Pretty sure that the higher seeds get home billing. It also determined where we ended up playing (if Oregon had been #1, the pairings would have remained the same, but if it had been FSU, Oregon,...
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    Next Year's returning players

    Not including potential signees, here's where we stand for next year (based on certain players assumed to go to the draft early). Starters marked with * / Significant playing time (almost partial...
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    Re: OSU Analysis Thread...

    While the Wisconsin game was very much a feather in OSU's cap, and rightfully so, the simple fact of the matter was that:
    Wisconsin is actually not that good on offense. They run a nearly pure...
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    Re: OSU Analysis Thread...

    I was unaware that we were "the Roll Tide"...
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