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  1. Link: Re: High School Coach Explains Why Ronnie Harrison Was "Under-Ranked" as a Recruit

    Impressive young man. Sounds like with his work ethic he will be a great one before it's all said and done.
  2. Question: Re: Any Exterminators Here? Question About Brown Recluse Control

    Sounds like I need to get rid of all those boxes in my office. Wife will get her way after all lol.
  3. Re: 4 "youths" charged with raping handicapped girl at Miami HS

    They even raping boys in this school. That place is insane. They will be loved in prison.
  4. Re: Basketball - Kobie Eubanks Signs to Continue Basketball Career at Alabama

    Nice pick up.
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    Re: Pay-off if California Chrome wins Saturday?

    Is this triple crown for American Pharoah as satisfying since he didn't do it in the same calendar year?
  6. Thread: 9/3/2016

    by Mystical

    Re: 9/3/2016

    The argument now is we won't go play a home and home. They are even talking about Florida never leaving the state for an oc game, forgetting the fact that Florida State is a tough game every year...
  7. Re: 4-Star Elite 11 QB Jalen Hurts is set to announce today

    Welcome aboard!!!!
  8. Re: Phil Steele Releases Pre-Season All American Teams

    Interesting. I get the feeling a few more of our guys will be on the Post Season All America. I think A'Shawn will be a man amongst boys this year. Top 5 pick potential with out a doubt.
  9. Re: New Alabama secondary coach Mel Tucker knows the expectations in Tuscaloosa

    Yea and obviously he was a burst after that hehe.
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    Re: Sweet Home... Tennessee?

  11. Re: 4-star shooting guard Kobie Eubanks set for Alabama official visit

    Liking the sound of this.
  12. Re: US special forces kill senior ISIS member and capture his wife in Syrian raid

    Good job troops.
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    Question: Re: Braxton Miller to UA?

    If Cornwell is that good than we will have a championship QB for then next 4 years and can get another stud in 2. Also keep in mind that Barnett will be able to compete each year to get the starting...
  14. Re: Kid gets accepted to all 8 Ivy League Schools, chooses Bama

    I for one hope we offer more kids like this a full ride. They turn in to wealthy donors.
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    Re: B B King Passes Away at 89

    Sad day
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