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    Link: Re: Story on Andrew Zow and his time at Bama

    I loved Zow when he was our QB. Will never forget the Auburn game in 2001. Have gotten his autograph before and he is a quiet, classy guy. So glad to hear that he's coaching and doing well. Roll...
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    Re: Amari Cooper and records

    Just like how the Falcons got Julio after having Roddy.
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    Re: Teams You Watch In Hopes They Lose

    My dad and I always say that a perfect Saturday is when Alabama wins, Auburn loses and Notre Dame loses. :)

    That said, here's my list (which is similar to most everyone else's):
    1. Auburn
  4. Re: Greg McElroy announces his NFL retirement via Twitter

    Greg's a good guy. Wish all the best for him. He will have a bright future no matter what he does. Good luck!! Roll Tide!!
  5. Link: Re: Horrible News: Brent Musburger and Jesse Palmer are Lead SEC Network Announcers

    I agree with others in that I wasn't eccstatic to hear that Brent was one of the announcers, but I can tolerate him. Jesse just seems to say things without knowing/thinking about them. I remember...
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    Re: Derrick Thomas "A Football Life".

    I watched this last night on my DVR and loved it. Thanks for letting me know about it.
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    Re: HaHa tweets a nice compliment to CNS

    Both good kids! Wish Ha Ha all the best and hope Landon has a monster year! Thankful for Coach Saban every day - not only is he a defensive mastermind that wins games, but he's also a mentor/father...
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    Re: Marvin Constant's story

    Was my last year in the Million Dollar Band. What a year and what a game that was. Will never forget Marvin after that game. I think I read somewhere that his friends wouldn't let him watch that...
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    Re: Coker counts against this 2014 class?

    I was watching the stream on and they said that they were putting his name on the big board even though he will not sign an LOI today, but he would count towards this class. Not sure...
  10. Re: Is McCarron's agent tanking his pre-draft on purpose?

    I thought his demonic tweet was in reference to Katy Perry's performance and others...guess I bought into the article that was written about it.
  11. Re: Alabama VS Notre Dame -- From a Brit's Perspective - Video

    Loved it! Thanks!
  12. Re: And so it begins: Auburn fans blaming lost on referees.

    I don't know but they rolled something at Toomer's after their loss Monday night.
  13. Re: And so it begins: Auburn fans blaming loss on referees.

    bamaslaw, I didn't think he should've been flagged for the Heisman pose...but he should've gotten an easy 15 for spiking the football! Oh well...I am just glad they lost so I don't have to hear...
  14. Question: Re: What did you take away from last night's Fla St victory?

    I'll give you #1 and #3, but I have a question about #2. How many times did AU sack AJ? I thought it was just one when OJ Howard didn't jam the defender at the line before running his route and AJ...
  15. Re: The most universally despised program in college football?

    My Dad and I say that a perfect day of football is when Alabama wins, Auburn loses and Notre Dame loses. Notre Dame still gets my vote for most despised because they don't have to play by the same...
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