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  1. Re: Letter from Landon Collins to the University, coaches and fans

    In today's me I did that world , isn't it refreshing to find a young man that gets it . Coach Bryant said " I not sure what class is but I know it when I see it " !
  2. Re: Store to pay fans if Ohio State wins national championship

    If you did this in Alabama , you'd go broke !
  3. Re: Blake Sims Is On The Latest Cover Of Sports Illustrated

    I live in FSU country . You should hear the gnashing of teeth over Shameis name not being on the cover .
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    Re: Go navy. Beat army

    Beat Navy ! 7th inf.
  5. Re: OK, that's it. Official "Boo Radley" appreciation thread...

    " That's a goodie ! "
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    Re: Ole Miss vs. Arky

    So , does this make our loss to Ole Miss a bad loss and our win over Arky a good win according to duh committee ?
  7. Re: Movie being made about Woodlawn High and Tony Nathan

    Great article on the game !
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    Re: Muschamp ... "resigns"

    I have a couple of friends that are Bull Gators . They are saying Gundy or McElwain .
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    Game Thread Re: Arizona State vs Oregon State

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    Game Thread Re: Arizona State vs Oregon State

    All 3 of us watching , huh ? Pick 6 with1:38...35-27 Oregon State
  11. Link: Re: Navy Seal Who Inspired "Lone Survivor" to Meet with the Team Today

    Take a look at his eyes in the photo from the link . That's a serious dude !
  12. Re: Shall we refer to this play as the "Auburn Butt Fumble"

    We must turn the other cheek !
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    Re: AU gets away with another one.

    It's the umpire's job to spot the ball , move behind the linebackers , and then count the number of players on offense . Very difficult with the HUNH !
  14. Re: FSU's Karlos Williams Under Investigation for Domestic Violence

    Jimbo will have him run a wind sprint for each bruise !
  15. Re: ESPN's Local Troll Danny Kannel Shows That "SEC Bias"

    Guess what ? He's co-hosting the playoff selection show tomorrow !
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