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    Re: Lane Kiffin a candidate for 49ers OC job

    There can't be many seven-figure sales in Tuscaloosa County. Granted, $7.5M on the beach in SoCal buys a lot less house than even $2M in Tuscaloosa. Still, I can't imagine Kiffin putting Layla and...
  2. Re: BOL: Lance Thompson Leaving to go to Auburn

    FWIW, Suttles reiterated that in an article in today's Tuscaloosa News. Article is on Saban being non-committal on Kiffin's return.

    Edit: I thought the last line in Suttles' article spoke...
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    Re: Looming Pension Crisis

    This is a little-understood unintended consequence of artificially reduced interest rates.

    Most defined benefit plans assume a long-term rate of return, incorporating a meaningful allocation of...
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    Re: Follow the money for changes to Big 12

    I wondered that, too. I've been reading financial statements, reading and writing commentary on them, and sniffing out tap-dance wording for longer than I'd like to admit.

    This article has that...
  5. Re: BOL: Lance Thompson Leaving to go to Auburn

    As a recruiter, you're absolutely right.

    As a coach and in his personal life, there's some pretty public baggage.

    There are reasons he doesn't stay in one place long. And as mentioned by...
  6. Re: *** RB Damien Harris Commits to Alabama ***

    It's recruiting, and there's still three weeks to signing day. That said, I didn't read anything about interest in LSU. We, OSU and home state UK were reported to be only ones that mattered over...
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    Re: Congrats to B1GTide

    Amen. Always enjoy his balanced perspective. Especially useful when emotions (high or low) need to be tempered.

    I'm Alabama through the core, but as passionate fans, we sometimes get...
  8. Re: I didn't mind losing to Ohio State in the Sugar

    I quit listening to sports talk callers two years ago, and life is infinitely more pleasant.

    I do enjoy guests, and they're typically on the hour or half hour, so it's pretty easy to find them. ...
  9. Re: Bovada Las Vegas Releases Early Odds for 2015-2016 Champion (Bama - 10/1)

    I agree with you, for the exact reasons you cite.

    Only thing I can figure is an expectation that Muschamp will magically transform the defense. He's definitely an upgrade from EJ, but that much...
  10. Re: WH to hold summit to fight violent extremism...

    Absolutely not. They were freedom fighters. It's extremism only if it's way different from the current practice AND the left doesn't agree with it.

    Sad thought: I initially had this in blue...
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    Link: Re: Moving to Uganda as full-missionaries

    My, my, my! How that profiling does work both ways!

    First Sargeant heads off into what could be charitably described as third world. He makes no profession other than Christianity. You...
  12. Re: Wife Shoots Soldier Husband Bringing Her Breakfast In Chest (Not Florida...)

    He brought her breakfast in his chest?
  13. Re: Kenny Hill (Texas A&M QB) asks for release

    I'm not so sure. Goes from a first start, smoking a couple of teams that turned out to be not so good. From there, files to trademark Trill Hill, just as Johnny Football did. To out of a starting...
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    Re: Auburn pipeline of UGA thugs continues

    I repeat my post from 100 days ago.

    In neither case can I understand why the person is a student, let alone attending school for free, as a representative of the most prominent public face of the...
  15. Re: Landon Collins brother kicked off the team at UF

    Interesting reference to yet another altercation with a teammate.

    Shades of Chris Keys.
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