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  1. JessN: Re: Holdbrooks’ death hits kids of the 80s hard

    A wonderful article to read, Jess. I hope the Holdbrooks family gets the opportunity to read how impactful Byron was in not only saving this particular game but in setting the stage for the...
  2. Re: ***JUCO LB Gary Johnson Commits To Bama***

    Nice story about his background--sounds like another Bama player I can root for on a personal level. Welcome to Bama, Gary!!
  3. Link: Re: After the Game, Retin Tweets Some Thank You's

    What a class act!! I wish we could clone him but there is one and only one "Belgium Bulldozer." Retin, I will be a fan of yours forever and wish you all the good fortune moving ahead. You will...
  4. Re: LSU Basketball Elects Not to Participate in Postseason, Ends Ben Simmons' Season

    To borrow an old recruiting quote from Lester on a recruit who bailed on him, I guess the LSU basketball team did not have the chest to play.
  5. Re: Grad transfer: Bowling Green WR Gehrig Dieter headed to Bama

    Like this addition to the team. Excellent size and great productivity for Gehrig (love that first name). Our WR corp should be outstanding!
  6. Link: Re: New No Longer: Mullaney's Path from OSU Transfer to Alabama WR on the Brink of Ti

    Great read!! Richard is truly living the dream--from a sub .500 team to participation in the national title game. This is one of the truly "win-win" stories. He has been a stable rock in our...
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    Re: Caption this Pic!

    Saban to Kirby--are you really sure you want to leave? We are nowhere done bringing national championships home to Bama!
  8. Re: ***WR Tyler Simmons commits to Bama***

    From his bio, it states he has been playing a lot of RB so it will be a plus once he gets the ball to see him outmaneuver the defensive players in space. Also, love the information posted that no...
  9. Re: Weather Causing Some Players Problems Getting Back to Tuscaloosa

    Gee--I wonder if Auburn's charter was likewise affected
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    Re: Tubby seems to be on the hot seat.

    Now that Franphony is out at Texas State, maybe Wingnut ought to send in his resume there. If so, they could go from the "Hold the Rope guy" to a potential "Get the Rope guy" once he fails...
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    Re: Prayers for Henry's grandmother ...

    Wow--great story! I did not know Derrick's background so this really adds to my reasons for liking him as a football player and a man. I will lift up his Grandmother in prayer. May God continue to...
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    Re: Jalston Fowler to the Titans

    Big Jalston fan here. He has a tremendous and multiple skill set the Titans will soon see. Curious--how did he get the nickname "Nudie"? Thanks in advance for the answer I will get.
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    Re: Tide in the NFL: Week 15

    I sure appreciate your updates and the time you take to compile them, rangertau. Reading through box scores is not my thing.
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    Re: My Spring Preview of the Tide.

    VERY nice read, Bamaslammer!! Just what I needed to get rid of some winter blahs. I look forward to future posts from you. Quick grammatical note..............One of my favorite quotes comes from...
  15. Question: Re: Just for fun: pick your favorite player in this class and why

    Dominick Jackson--absolute mauler of an offensive tackle who is genuinely excited to cross the country and play for Bama. He set a goal of 15 or so pancakes blocks per game and achieved it. Really...
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