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  1. Re: Study concludes shuttered football program at UAB made money

    I believe I heard once a while back the undergraduate programs uab were not profitable but the graduate and doctoral programs were very profitable. Right now the tuscaloosa campus has a budget that...
  2. Re: Isn't it great having a visible bball coach?

    I agree it comes down to wins and losses; however it does make me question how much CAG really cared about our program and how much effort he put into it.
  3. Link: Re: Very interesting Foxsports take on the Longhorn Network...

    Based on the relative lack of interest in the channel, maybe UAB could contact them to see if they have programming space available. It would seem like the perfect fit for them to broadcast their...
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    Question: Re: Braxton Miller to UA?

    If recall correctly Coker only started one year in high school before graduating and then started none in college. To me he is a guy who has a lot of physical talent but just hasn't played much at...
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    Re: Avery Johnson Jr to transfer to Alabama

    Don't know if we are using a scholarship on him or not. But I don't really care either way. CAJ is going to be busting his tail. He is moving his family to tuscaloosa. Why would his son...
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    Re: 2015 Spring Practice Thread

    Ideally the coaches want Coker to win the job so Cornwell and Barnett can duke it out next year but it look like Coker is underperforming so far.
  7. Re: Bill Battle Explains Process of Firing Anthony Grant

    When I read that article, my first question is why would Battle even comment on this subject? I thought it was poor taste for him to discuss the intimate details of his firing. None of that did...
  8. Re: Avery Johnson Wants to Improve Coleman Coliseum

    Easy answer, the BJCC would be an excellent temporary venue. In fact, I think Bama basketball ought to be playing more games in Bham to re-build fan support and help with recruiting. Of course, the...
  9. Re: Avery Johnson Wants to Improve Coleman Coliseum

    I heard the other day that the UofA had temporarily reached its bond limit. If so, this would likely delay the construction of a new arena for a couple of years since such a project of that...
  10. Re: Avery Johnson Wants to Improve Coleman Coliseum

    The 4 exterior walls, the front entrance, and the concourse are not really the problem. Its the seat layout and the lighting. To me if you can go in and demo the seat layout, remove the asbestos...
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    Re: New coach search...

    Okay. I need more information before I reach an opinion on CAJ. Some say he is a micromanager but on the collegiate level that might be a good thing.

    However it may just be me but I have never...
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    Re: New coach search...

    I am telling you this is the cost of getting our program pulled out of the ditch. I think this ought to show us all that the problems and perceptions run deep with our program. Sure we can be good...
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    Re: And now Jonathan Taylor....again

    Her recanting her story probably keeps his pending charges from escalating especially if he was in works of negotiating a plea deal. Secondly he probably would be finished as a football player at...
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    Re: New coach search...

    I think this is the perfect opportunity to teach your kids about economics. :) It's $4m per year! Get in the truck we are headed to Tuscaloosa.
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    Re: Tyren Jones Charged with Marijuana Possession

    He won't be if he gets strike 3. This was TJ's 3rd incident.
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