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  1. Re: Big Banks Plead Guilty To Market Manipulation, Will Pay $5.8 Billion

    I don't see much capitalism in the banking system.

    I don't know anyone who doesn't want legal protections from fraud, theft, etc.
  2. Re: Big Banks Plead Guilty To Market Manipulation, Will Pay $5.8 Billion

    When will the government fine itself and the Fed for currency manipulation?
  3. Re: Sharpton's daughter climbs Bali mountain after suing NYC for ankle injury.

    The entitlement mentality is becoming more and more shameless in this country.
  4. Re: play stupid games ... dean potter and friend dead after base jumping accident

    That's why I always wear a condom when base jumping. Got to protect the important stuff.
  5. Re: If everyone could spare a thought or a prayer for my brother

    So sorry to hear this, AUDub. I know what it's like to lose brothers at a young age. You and your family are in my prayers. :frown:
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    Re: Another Asset Seizure

    No crime or even charges and the feds seize his life savings. If only the Founders had written down somewhere in an official document that unreasonable searches and seizures were not allowed.
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    Re: What are you reading right now (II)?

    Separation of Power by Vince Flynn
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    Re: The Land of Microaggression

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    Re: The Land of Microaggression

    White people are the (micro)devil!
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    Link: Re: Title IX at it's Finest

    Well, then they should have followed through and written stuff down. Like maybe a list of specific, limited things the feds could do.
  11. The cost of federal government regulation: $1,880,000,000,000

    Report from the libertarian Competitive Enterprise Institute report "Ten Thousand Commandments."

    •Federal regulation and intervention cost American consumers and businesses an estimated $1.88...
  12. Re: What kind of people steal from a cemetery?

    I've seen similar activity when I lived in DC. The various federal buildings would have flowers planted to pretty up their monoliths, then by the next morning or two all the flowers would be pulled...
  13. Re: Love Her Or Hate Her, Hillary Has A Major Problem -- And So Do Lots Of Others

    May 27 is the Day of Froth, isn't it?
  14. News Article: Re: So ISIS Wants to Find out how we Roll...Attacks Anti-Islam Event in Texas

    For these guys and their ilk, being Muslim is an integral part of their d-bagness.
  15. Re: Anyone else notice that our Muslim-in-Chief hasn't had one word of praise for

    Obama only comments when he can talk about his mythical son. Obama's son would not be skilled with firearms. Hence no comment.
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