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    Re: Anyone Remember Clem Griscoe?

    I believe that Coach Bryant hired him around 1960 or maybe '61. I remember him being hired while I was still a student I think he was coaching high school ball in Huntsville when he was hired.
  2. Re: What was the moment when Alabama became more than a football team to you?

    Man this thread makes me feel old! Nonetheless I'll confess, the day I became a confirmed Bama fan was January 1, 1946 and Bill Stern was the culprit. I'd been seeing the sports reels at the local...
  3. Re: Basketball - Former Menís Basketball Great Jim Fulmer Among Newly Elected Inducte

    Remember Fulmer well, a good all around player that scored well and played solid defense. Met him a couple of times and he seemed to be a real nice guy.
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    Re: Clemson Fans (And Family)

    My experience also and I was the parent of a player on the opposing team. Tailgated with Clemson fans before the games and partied with them afterwards with never a bad experience, whether at the...
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    Re: Clemson Fans (And Family)

    You sell the relationship short, Clemson has actually had five former Alabama players as head football coach. Frank Howard, their most revered coach, was from Barlow Bend, AL and played at Bama under...
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    Re: Clemson Fans (And Family)

    Particulary ironic given Pitchfork Ben Tillman and his role in the founding of Clemson University and the reasons and rationale behind his actions.
  7. Re: 1999 Showdown in swamp Bama vs Florida 9 pm classic sports tv

    Must have be galling to the Ol' Ball Coach to lose at home to Mike DuBose, and even more so later to have lost to DuBose twice in the same season after the defeat in the SEC Championship.
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    Re: Cowherd thinks Bama is boring

    Wrong! Finebaum is totally mercenary and loves his bank account above all else as does nearly any other businessman. What you hear/see on his program is intended to generate call-ins to up his...
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    Re: Gene Jelks Interview

    Guess you can add me to the list of those not interested enough to spend nearly an hour listening to the interview. I remember the incident and its repercussions all to well and while I don't hate...
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    Re: On Kenyan Drake's injury: I've had it...

    Apropos of this thread, I believe it was Coach Stallings that said something to the effect that "A coach who listens to the fans ends up sitting with them". That said, I don't expect Coach Saban is...
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    Link: Re: More Trouble at Florida State?

    LSU it would appear if the internet rumors are correct.
  12. Re: 2016 OT Greg Little Updates (De-Commits from Texas A&M)

    Agreed. I can only judge by myself and at 18 I was immortal! At 78, not so much....
  13. Re: Was Bruce Arians fired for one call, mob rules, a bad OC or weak head coach?

    [QUOTE=selmaborntidefan;2713991]I don't know historically; that was pre-Internet and I wasn't even aware of who exactly made the call.

    No, this was the era of the newgroups, message boards, and...
  14. Re: Jerry Clower tells a story about playing the Alabama Crimson Tide

    That story was about Auburn's Travis Tidwell. Here's a link to an old SI article that contains a part of that story:

    Found the...
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    Question: Re: Best Place for Kirby Smart?

    I would think that Virginia Tech would be a tremendous starting point as a head coach for Kirby Smart should they be willing to go with an former coordinator as a first time head coach. Hope he gets...
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