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  1. News Article: Re: 24 years ago today we lost a great one - Stevie Ray Vaughan

    I saw him @ the NOLA JazzFest the previous April. Simply amazing, from start to finish. I've seen a lot of live music, but SRV is right there at the top. Unreal to see in person.
  2. Re: New House bill to ban private citizens from owning body armor

    Simple solution: They should pass a law saying "Don't kill anyone." Surely, that'd do the trick.
  3. Re: New House bill to ban private citizens from owning body armor

    Especially in the wee hours of the a.m.
  4. Re: Lesbian Love Triangle Results In Murder In Columbus, Mississippi

    Ladies & Gents, cbi has some skills! Well done. Again.:D
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    Re: somewhat crappy news

    Just imagine the fun you'll have in security checks on flights in the future. "Um, sir, can you explain the metal stuff sticking out of your head? We're gonna need a more detailed body cavity...
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    Re: somewhat crappy news

    From my own experience, I'd echo this advice. But--IMPORTANT CAVEAT--only enough to get a broad feel for what they're about to do inside your head. (Somehow I'm flashing back on Pink Floyd lyrics...
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    Re: somewhat crappy news

    Dang. Been there. My phone call was "I need to see you at 8:00 in the a.m.; you'll want to bring your wife." Mine was, in fact malignant. (Thankfully, the highly-skilled surgeons & med folks out...
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    Re: TideFans Members Map

  9. Link: Re: ESPN Hosts Take A Dip In Alabama Whirlpool During Bus Blitz

    Has Danny K opined about how FSU's is better? If not, that's probably a first.
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    Re: UAB New Uni's

    Best comment about the new Kansas unis: "KU finally found a uniform/helmet combo that's as bad as the team." :)
  11. Re: Tiger Woods Career Heading For The Sunset?

    Tiger is fun to watch, especially when he was winning majors. I think others have nailed it here: blend of 'roids, swing mechanics, mental stuff, and off-the-course activities.

    For me personally,...
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    Re: The real down side of the Iron Bowl

    We_are, your friend exemplifies what I've come to dread every August. A blend of excitement over my favorite sport--college football--combined with the near-certain knowledge that some will severely...
  13. Re: My sister lost her battle with cancer this weekend

    So sorry to hear. Praying for you & the fam.

    p.s. - I too HATE cancer. I'm a metastatic melanoma patient/survivor (unsure where that line is), & my brother is battling mesothelioma. Neither of...
  14. Re: Chris McDaniel launches challenge to vote count in MS Senate Race

    There are those of us who think being an cartoonist in MS these days is sort of like shooting over a baited field. Marshall agrees...
  15. Re: People Aren't Smart Enough for Democracy to Flourish

    Woah, easy there, Jon. You're pulling us toward, like, political science, history, & reality. There's no place for such foolishness in modern American political discourse.
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