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    Re: RIP Joe Cocker

    I saw Joe perform outdoors back in the late 70s. Good stuff. Not many could do it like he did. RIP.
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    Re: Dear Cancer...

    It does suck indeed. And as a cancer patient myself (next scan/scope here is tomorrow; next trip to M.D. Anderson is in January), I contend that it's much easier to be the patient than to be the...
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    Question: Re: The Sony cyber attack, what say you.

    A guy on the radio this a.m. read some tweets from various Hollywood types; they're pretty chapped about it.
  4. Re: Auburn's Coats declares for NFL draft.

    Didn't you mean "sent to trail"? ;)
  5. Link: Re: Another example of LEO behavior which is just bewildering...

    HB, Earle! Thanks for your crucial role in making this board such a great place. 75? Whatever; I know I join many in fearing you whatever your age might be. ;)
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    Re: Going home for Christmas / Memory Lane

    I was born in Montgomery, but we moved to Ft. Walton Beach, FL when I was around 1. Thus, my memories of home are there.

    --the smell of the Gulf
    Fires me up every single time I go home to visit,...
  7. Re: Oregon State Takes Out Ad Congratulating Mariotta on Heisman - Classy Move!

    Nope. I saw that too. Minor tolling + very nice gesture => well done OSU!
  8. Re: Banking while black, man arrested for depositing check

    More precisely, only in MS & AL, with a few remnants in TN, GA, & SC now & then.
  9. Question: Re: What's some of the craziest weather you have seen.

    Rode out 2 hurricanes on the coast. David (I think) in Miami, and one whose name I forget back home in NW FL. That's some bizarre weather for sure! I had never seen it literally raining sideways...
  10. Re: Chicago police caught on video blasting 'Racists' song during protest

    I believe that's a musical diss of George Wallace, but I'm not sure.

    (It's definitely not before my time. That's why I can't remember the exact answer. :PDT_old: )
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    Re: Ohio State Fans chant "We want Bama"
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    Re: Say something nice about Ohio State thread.

    They're not Notre Dame. Archie Griffin was fun to watch back in the day, & is apparently still a good guy.

    My HS gf's Dad was a huge Buckeye supporter/grad, & a proud USAF pilot. Regrettably, he...
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    Re: Thoughts and Prayers for My Daughter

    Praying here, GT. Been there & done that many times, albeit as the patient myself. Your post confirms what I've long said: It's far easier to be the patient than to be the loved one of the patient.
  14. Re: Vegas Includes Mark Richt in Proposition Bet About Next Nebraska Coach

    Ellis Johnson is available, and he has a stellar record as a HC.
  15. Re: Remember how conference champs don't matter in the CFP?

    I'm just glad we now have a playoff system in place, so there's no more controversy about who plays for the big one & who's left out in the cold.
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