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  1. News Article: Re: Kerry: Air conditioners as big a threat as ISIS

    Agree completely! Haven't in years!
  2. Link: Re: WNBA cracking down on social activism by players during/pre games. Agree or disag

    Dang, don't you sound superior??!!
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    Re: Obama Vetoes Ex-President Bill

    Since when has he been ethical?
  4. Question: Re: Has anybody ever used a DNA testing service?

    You are quite right. I (we) have over 400 4th and 5th cousins. Just looking at related surnames I cannot find the connection(s).
  5. Question: Re: Has anybody ever used a DNS testing service?

    Sorry, I didn't mean they were completely different, just not exactly the same--different percentages of Irish, English, Western European etc and both sets of sisters had trace amounts of ethnicity...
  6. Question: Re: Has anybody ever used a DNS testing service?

    I have done the Ancestry DNA, also my 2 first cousins and my sister. I was surprised to find that mine and my sister's ethnicity was NOT the same......and my 2 cousins (also sisters, were not the...
  7. Re: Three black men shot while smoking weed and live broadcasting on facebook

    Well, you would be wrong.........
  8. Re: Pittsburg news anchor fired for "perceived" insenstive remarks is suing

    Well, it HASN'T failed because it got us Obama. That's the way they see it.....
  9. Re: Former Secret Service Agent: Clinton White House was a whore house

    Selma, who are you talking to here? I read the article and I don't understand who is lying to you. I didn't understand your post at me out here....
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    Re: Ring avulsion reminder...

    I had to look up what "avulsion" meant......
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    Re: Brokaw rips Bama

    I do too. It was just a joke. It is entirely too easy for people to get their panties in a wad nowadays......
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    Link: Re: 2016 SEC Football Helmet Schedule

    Texas AM also
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    Re: Plain Trouble on "Da Plains" (all AU posts here)

    I have too, rgw. They're wonderful to take naps to or know what I mean.
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    Re: The Peyton Manning Sexual Assault Case

    Yes, and you can see his agenda (race) in the "headlines" within the article--"differences in how Manning & Newton were treated"...
  15. Re: Stats/Storylines the Have Gotten Lost in the Coverage from Last Night

    It was in the first half and I wasn't sure they had an extra down but we were all saying "This should be Third Down". I know I heard the ref say, "Repeat 2nd Down" & they did and when that play was...
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