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  1. Re: Analysis of First Playoff Poll

    Two things must happen IMO for Bama to make the playoffs...
    - Win out. (Duh...)
    - Ole Miss must lose a conference game.

    IMO at the end of the season Bama will need that 13th game - a conference...
  2. Re: Ole Miss vs Auburn - Who are you pulling for?

    This one's easy. Auburn!! We need to win out - including the SECCG! - and we need Ole Miss to lose a conference game. Whereas I think... hope... LSU will beat Ole Miss, that's not a given. IMO If...
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    Re: Official Post-Game Thread - Bama vs. Vols...

    Great win!! Hats off to the team for not folding under an inspired performance by UT.

    Now I'll be an aggie this evening!
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    Re: OM has 2 losses. What now?

    I wish I shared your optimism. IMO the scenario you describe is almost a guarantee that Alabama does get left out. There are a lot more non-SEC voters on the selection committee than...
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    Re: OM has 2 losses. What now?

    If we don't win out, it's all moot. So I'll assume we win out. Our loss is to Ole Miss who lost to MEMPHIS!! (Yes, Memphis is fairly good this year, but the perception of them isn't.) IMO Bama...
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    Re: Pick the score: Georgia vs. Alabama

    My heart says Bama 24; UGA 17.

    However, my head says Bama could easily offer up two chunk-it-deep-downfield-into-triple-coverage interceptions and five incomplete passes on 3rd and 3-or-less... In...
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    Re: Relative Success / Realistic Expectations

    Great post! Thanks to the OP for taking the time to write it.
  8. NEW FEATURE: Re: welcomes two new staff writers!

    Welcome! I particularly appreciate the expanded coverage of women's sports.
  9. Re: Traveling from Minnesota to 1st Tide game.

    Last year my wife and I attended the Miss. State game, which was our first game in Tuscaloosa in over 3 decades. We stayed in a hotel in Pelham... Hampton Inn or Fairfield Inn, I forget which. ...
  10. News Article: Re: Records: LSU Slapped with Recruiting Sanctions After Prospect Backs Out of Commit

    I agree with RT1017. Surely there's more to the story. The potential for entrapment is off the charts...
  11. Link: Re: DJ Fluker Essay on Recruiting in "The Players Tribune": Marry Your School

    Wow!! I wish every HS athlete being recruited by colleges would read this. Outstanding.
  12. Re: Cardale Jones entering NFL draft

    Count me as one who is glad to see him go! :)
  13. Re: Congrats to Ohio State and Thanks for the exciting season, Bama!!! Roll Tide Roll

    Thanks to all the Bama players and coaches for a great season!! Congrats to OSU; they earned the win.
  14. Re: Son's first trip to Bryant-Denny Stadium next year. Need help.

    My wife and I went to the Miss. State game; first game we've been to in Tuscaloosa in over 40 years. We took some friends' advice and stayed in Pelham which worked out extremely well. Hampton Inn...
  15. Re: A clear message was sent to the Big 12 ....

    At this point the Big 12 would be foolish to expand. No potential candidates that can pull their weight. For the next few years the Big 12 should accept that their teams (not named Texas or...
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