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  1. Link: Re: Barn has offered Muschamp (update: supposedly has accepted)

    I believe Mel Kiper projected both receivers late 1st round or early 2nd round. From a Bama fan, I'll be glad to see both of them go pro.
  2. Link: Re: Barn has offered Muschamp (update: supposedly has accepted)

    Who is the pressure really on? What happens when you get 3 years of disappointing results with two highly paid coaches? At Auburn, you fire them and move on to someone else. I predict that is exactly...
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    Re: RB Damien Harris Updates

    This shouldn't be too hard for any of you, but, who was the last great running back we got from Kentucky? He was one of my all time favorite Bama players.
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    Re: OSU Analysis Thread...

    IMO, 2 keys to the game. We can't let the QB have a big night.This kid is capable of making some big plays with his arm. They are watching film on where teams have hurt us and that is in the passing...
  5. Re: Who else loves the big dose of Henry we have been giving out in the 4th Q?

    What I love the most is giving him some room to run. If we continue to do that he'll have some big nights. Great job by our OL.
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    Re: Interesting Stat - Saban in title games

    Saban is the best big game coach I've seen. I'm glad we've got him for these two very difficult games. Roll Tide!!!
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    Re: Amari named SEC offensive POTY!!!!

    Well deserved. It has certainly been a pleasure to watch this young man play for the Crimson Tide.
  8. Link: Re: UPDATE: Coach McElwain IS the coach at Florida...

    In my opinion, this puts Florida back where they want to be. McElwain will win big at Florida. Except of course when he faces his old boss.
  9. Re: Which Underclassmen do you Expect to Declare for the Draft?

    I'm certainly not knocking anyone, but is Landon Collins to the point where he's a high draft pick? I think he's a perfect example of a player that could really help himself by staying another year....
  10. Re: Coach Saban and Coach Miles talk before the game (video) Class

    Thanks for posting this video. This is something we normally don't get to see. It says alot about both men that Saban would send his condolences and that Miles would acknowledge it before the game....
  11. Re: LSU Radio show host shows his hatred of Alabama football

    Wow. If he felt that way before the game, imagine how he feels today. No doubt that he is blaming someone other than the LSU coaches and players for the loss Saturday night.
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    Link: Re: TV Schedule for November 1st

    BET, I agree. I'd like to know why they made that decision.
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    Re: Bama "Fan" DisOwns The Tide On Video

    Bamaro, that's hilarious.
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    Re: Cam Robinson appreciation thread

    IMO, a huge improvement at left tackle from last year. I'm glad we've got him.
  15. Question: Re: Ball Security: Area of Concern OR Aberration?

    This is an area of concern and will cost us if we continue. I do love this team, however.
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