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    Re: Athlon early SEC predictions

    I'd probably put Ole Miss ahead of LSU. But that is only because Lsu probably would be near the bottom of the conference in QB play next year. The East is uga's to lose, but they have tougher teams...
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    Re: Drug Testing for Unemployment Benefits.

    Restrictions make sense. This judge is doing what Sotomayor was concerned with in her recent opinion, but I'd be curious how she would rule on this case.
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    Re: *** OT Isaiah Prince Commits to Alabama ***

    Not sure I understand the last part since NSD is in two weeks for this class??
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    Re: *** OT Isaiah Prince Commits to Alabama ***

    He's more likely RT than LT according to a lot of prep guys like Farrell. Absolutely great pickup though!! RTR!!
  5. Re: Cardale Jones entering NFL draft

    He should've gone pro. He's going to back up Barrett or Miller next year and lose any momentum going into the draft. Not a good business decision.
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    Re: DE / DT T.D. Moton

    yep. Not much of a secret that Napier took a commitment when we should have waited to see how his grades would pan out in the fall.
  7. Re: That's it, if Nick Saban ever leaves, I want Gary Patterson at the Capstone

    remind me, what were Bear Bryant's W-L records at Texas A&M?
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    Re: Who are you pulling for in the NC game?

    Oregon. I Really don't care, but I can't stand the Big 10 commissioner. He is the biggest tool in college athletics.
  9. Re: Michael Nysewander

    he did participate in senior day because academically he's a senior, but he has one year of eligibility to play football.
  10. Re: Michael Nysewander

    That's good news. He looked solid in the FB role. I'd expect it to be his to lose. Although not a blocker, I'd expect to see Bo in 2 RB back fields too.
  11. Re: $947 million divorce settlement rejected by divorcee

    Earned during the marriage. I don't know their family, but if she contributed by being the traditional wife/mom, does she walk away with nothing because she never had a paying job?

    i agree that...
  12. $947 million divorce settlement rejected by divorcee

    so wife loses the battle at trial court with "only" getting $995 million plus...
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    Re: Terrorist attack in Paris kills 11

    yep. Just like a robber that tried to steal from a store with Marines and a toys for trot drive going outside the store. The robbery suspect suffered major injuries from "tripping and falling"...
  14. Re: *** CB Minkah Fitzpatrick Commits to Alabama ***

    I hope we can keep him. After 2015, the only CBs with experience would be Eddie and the two signees from last year. Safety is in a similar position this coming season, where we may see a true...
  15. Link: Re: BOL Staff's 15 Predictions for Alabama in 2015

    my big concern is OL. Our depth wasn't great this year and I don't know if losing two high quality players (and more importantly teammates) in Arie and Austin can be so easily replaced as the writer...
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