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    Re: *** 2016 4* RB BJ Emmons Commits to Bama ****

    When I woke up this morning, things were lookin' bad.
  2. Re: Obama wants to ban some SS recipients from owning guns

    Has there been a sudden outbreak of SS recipients committing gun-related crimes? I must have missed it.

    Obama is just having a conniption fit to find somebody he can take some guns from.
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    Re: *** 2016 4* RB BJ Emmons Commits to Bama ****

    Welcome and Roll Tide, B J!

    With his high rating, I'm surprised he doesn't have more offers.
  4. Re: How would you describe President Obama in one word?

    Hmmm... hard choices... I could say Ignorant. Naive. Autocratic.

    But you asked for "one word".

    I'll go with... Vainglorious.
  5. Will Calvin Ridley see much playing time at WR in 2015?

    "The prized freshman from Coconut Creek, Fla. is already making an impression on teammates and coaches during the buildup to preseason practice in early August, displaying characteristics and skills...
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    Re: When does life begin? (Your opinion)

    It think it likely that our more lefty fellow Tide fans do not wish to record vote.
  7. Re: Protesters Take Over Democrat Presidential Candidate Forum.

    Trivia: The moderator of the forum was Jose Antonio Vargas. Vargas is the maker of the MTV documentary "White People" (subject of an earlier thread on this forum).

    Vargas is an illegal alien. Of...
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    Re: Doug Layton has passed away

    Layton started his Bama career at the same time that I really began to follow the Tide closely. I guess I listened to hundreds of broadcasts, as for many years, a team would be on TV only a couple...
  9. Re: Protesters Take Over Democrat Presidential Candidate Forum.

    Your recent posts = pretzel logic.
  10. Protesters Take Over Democrat Presidential Candidate Forum.

    Sounds like good times for the Dems...

    --The demonstrators started shouting and booing again when O'Malley said: "Black lives matter. White lives matter. All lives matter."

    O'Malley later...
  11. Re: Excuse or Concern? Saban's Comments About NFL Draft

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    Link: Re: Cowherd gone from ESPN

    I haven't heard him in quite a long time, but back when, other than when he harshly criticized CNS for coming to Bama, I enjoyed listening him. I hope I get the chance to hear him on a new network.
  13. Re: White People - Trailer of New MTV Documentary - About White Priv

    I just hope they are not advocating taking it away!!
  14. Link: Re: Another obscure penalty imposed by the ACA aka ObamaCare and nobody knew

    "I will sign a universal health care bill into law by the end of my first term as president that will cover every American and cut the cost of a typical family's premium by up to $2,500 a year."
  15. Re: Black Youths Mock and Laugh at Unconscious and Bloody White Male Victim

    Well, there is good news... WCPO 9 in Cincinnati is reporting that Cincinnati Police Captain Mike Neville announced at a press conference that the "incident" was not racially motivated.
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