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  1. Weird News Re: Wyoming Man Found with 30 Eyeballs in His Anal Cavity

    The proctologists says in amazement, "in all the years of looking at anuses this is the first time they looked back at me".
  2. Re: Transgendered Teen upset that other boys won't flirt with him....

    Okay, let me see if I have this straight (can I say straight anymore?).

    1. Boys don't flirt with him/her because he is a she with he equipment.
    2. Gays won't flirt with him because he is now a...
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    Re: Theater Shooting in Louisiana

    I never saw a need to wear body armor everywhere, I'm slowly changing my mind.
  4. Re: Volunteer armed guards at recruiting centers

    I admire what they are trying to do but if they do not have military or police training they should go home. What would they actually do if a vehicle comes at them firing. I'm sure anyone questions...
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    Re: Attack on recruiting stations in Chattanooga

    He's going to send "representatives" to the funeral also. Didn't he make personal appearances at some others? Too angry to say what I really would like to, I'd be in ban-land for a long time.
  6. Re: Florida Gun Shop Owner won't sell guns to Muslims

    Well considering he made the statement Im not going to be asking every person who walks in what their religious background is. Thats not my business, not sure what all the hoopla is about. So he...
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    Link: Re: Tuscaloosa News: Kenny Stabler Passes Away

    That man had the swagger and enjoyed life. It was great fun watching him through the years. RIP Kenny.

    I think it was Tom Jackson that told a story where the Broncos were up in the 4th quarter...
  8. Re: Would you vote to legalize Polygamy? If not, why not?

    Well here come the AU fans and their farm animals.

    ETA - to answer the question I'd say no. One wife has that bad week once a month, if you had two or three then that leaves you only one...
  9. Re: Alabama Governor Orders Confederate Flag Removed

    Here's an article written by a black soldier. See what he has to say.
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    Re: Bruce Jenner Update

    Well look at it this way, old Caitlyn can now go shopping with the Kardashian's and try on the same clothes.
  11. Re: If everyone could spare a thought or a prayer for my brother

    Prayers for you, your brother and your family and may God help heal your pain and his.
  12. Thread: Lacy Update

    by willie52

    Re: Lacy Update

    I got a pool for a lab I had in Montgomery, well actually it started off being my daughter's. It was the small inflatable pool but came home and found it all over the back yard so went to hard...
  13. Question: Re: Amtrak crash, Human error?, Infrastructure failure?

    No offense to anyone but does every thread have to turn into a political argument. It was a flipping train wreck probably caused by human error since the speed was almost double what it should be....
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    Re: Tsarnaev found guilty

    Put him in prison in the general population, justice will be served sooner than later more than likely.
  15. Thread: Lacy Update

    by willie52

    Re: Lacy Update

    Good looking dog, I see why you fell for her. You know you need to get her a small pool to play in, summers do get hot.
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