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  1. Re: Packers reportedly interview Alabama LB Reggie Ragland

    I'm hoping the 49ers will pick Ragland to be the new Patrick Willis.
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    Re: Just for fun: hashtag #bamafanproblems

    Having to assuage your father about the 2016 Alabama defense since his alma mater, USC, will be playing Alabama in September 2016 - "Trust me, they won't be as good as the 2015 defense..." - since he...
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    Re: Favorite Burger Chain -- What's yours?

    I will always go for In N Out, but being from California, that's to be expected. Always love getting the #1 Animal Style with green peppers and Animal Style fries. Not the healthiest thing to eat,...
  4. Re: 8 of the next 11 CFP semis will be on NYE

    I don't foresee myself going to an Alabama CFB game unless the tickets are gifted to me, and the game is either close to where I live, or I can get there and stay there for cheap. Furthermore, I...
  5. Re: NYE and Cotton Bowl: How is NYE affecting your normal game watch plans?

    Won't really affect me. My wife and I normally get together with friends that love watching football, and large contingent are Alabama fans and/or graduates.
  6. JessN: Re: Smart to UGA may affect Bama’s succession plan

    JessN, what about luring Mark Dantonio away from Michigan State?
  7. JessN: Re: Smart to UGA may affect Bama’s succession plan

    Out of that whole list, I love David Shaw the most. However, David Shaw played at Stanford in the early 1990s, and he's somewhat continued the relative success that Harbaugh had at Stanford. I...
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    Re: Cowherd thinks Bama is boring

    And I think Cowherd really cost himself by moving to Fox Sports from ESPN, I know one reason was due to the fact that Fox Sports is located in Los Angeles, and he's really high on that.

  9. Re: Kyle Allen transferring

    Coach Sumlin isn't helping himself long-term with this situation, particularly with other parents of highly-sought after QBs. I do think this brewing storm is one reason Tom Herman stayed put in...
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    Re: Home insurance question

    I've worked for State Farm, and they will issue a HO policy with a vacancy endorsement. It does depend on the state and the status of the home. I don't know if you have the State Farm Home/Auto...
  11. Re: So now Trump wants to shut down the Internet?

    I'd vote for Trump if he shut down the ITAT and any other Auburn-related Internet. The REC strikes again!!!
  12. Re: And It Starts (Alabama Cannot Defend The Pass)

    The bigger battle in this game will be Sparty defense vs. Alabama offense. Their toughness and chip on their shoulder could hurt our offensive line. Hopefully, with this break, the coaches can...
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    Re: Sark Suing USC - Wrongful Termination

    Just remember that USC is a private university, it isn't a public university. I think that'll have some effect on what kind of settlement
    (if any) Sark may/may not get.

    But, Haden messed this...
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    Question: Re: Potential Staff Replacements

    If CLK leaves, I would look at the OC/OL guy from Stanford, and I also think his recruiting area is in the southeast U.S. as well. But, anyone CNS hires to fill openings at the OC/DC level will be...
  15. Re: Hey- who's watching, Bama vs. Notre Dame (I'm thinking 42-14 :))

    I also wonder how much of an effect of CAJ's NBA background has him being to present a different attitude/confidence when handling late-game situations. Under CAG, you just never felt any confidence...
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