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  1. Link: Re: Citibank: World economy is trapped in a death spiral

    This is all still Bush's fault.
  2. Re: Mercer Announces It will Play Alabama in 2017 and 2021

    I'm finding it rather difficult to get excited about this game.
  3. Re: Pantsless Man Watching Porn on Cell Phone Dies in Car Crash

    I hate it when that happens.
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    Re: Coach Saban bored with trophies

    I would be tired of them too if every time I turned around I was bumping into one of them.
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    Link: Re: Replacing Derrick Henry:

    Did someone say wishbone?:biggrin2:
  6. News Article: Re: Charging a phone in your car costs 33 times more than using outlets at home

  7. Question: Re: Which Juniors will leave early for the NFL?

    I would grade everyone of them 6th round or higher...possibly even undrafted. They should all return for their senior season.
  8. News Article: Re: The larger, quieter push to take over federal land

    Needs high-rise condo's perched along the edge so people could enjoy these wonderful views of nature from the the comfort of their room. That with some kind of rail system to take folks down into...
  9. Re: Bama Plays for NC Again; Meanwhile, the Narrative Down at Auburn

    WOW! I never go to their boards so this is new to me. They are really obsessed. I've never seen the little brother syndrome infect so may people so deeply.
  10. Re: Brett McMurphy Confirms Yesterday's Internet Chatter: Chip Kelly Met with Bama St

    Saban to Texas?
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    Re: Film Study on Clemson

    Let's also remember this was our eighth in a row, and the end of a somewhat brutal four-game October schedule with Georgia, Arky, and A&M (meh) coming just before this game. The team was tired...
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    Re: Cowherd thinks Bama is boring

    Bless his little heart.
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    Re: Heisman Runner-Up

    Wait...What? Gus didn't win?
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    Re: Gator kills burglary suspect hiding in pond

    So a gator was killed by LEO? Where's the video? Has the rioting...oops, I mean protests started yet? Have the officers involved been arrested? Is there a political movement to ban all bodies of...
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    Question: Re: Any fresh news on new DC

    Speaking of Kiffin, I haven't heard his name mentioned for any of the openings recently. Some folks think he's done with us after this year, but if he's going to take a HC job somewhere you would...
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