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  1. Re: Bud Light's New Slogan Isn't the Smartest

    When they changed the name from Budweiser Light is when I stopped drinking it and switched to Budweiser. Spring of 8th grade.
  2. Re: The everlasting powerful / memorable / funny movie quote thread...

    Jimmy Conway: "Never rat on your friends and always keep your mouth shut."

  3. News Article: Re: Man taken into custody after landing single-person aircraft on Capitol grounds

    That is the single worst helicopter I've ever seen! It looks like an early '80's Snapper riding mower with a large blade on top instead of underneath.
  4. Re: NRA Bans ‘Operational’ Guns At NRA Convention For Security Reasons

    It would take a lot more than a 55 grain FMJ to bring down the one on the left.
  5. Re: Kentucky player calls Wisconsin player the "N" word

    Maybe he's color blind.
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    Re: CBS best HC ranking

    The OP doesnt mention Richt, only where Saban is ranked.
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    Re: CBS best HC ranking

    I don't see a problem with these rankings.
  8. News Article: Re: Sorry Star Wars geeks, ISIS takes over Tatooine

    I would rather be captured by ISIS than The Sandpeople!
  9. Re: Cop kills 19 yr old in Madison, WI - protests erupt

    The article said the officer used his revolver. I thought all law enforcement had gone to .40 Glocks and Springfields decades ago. I wonder if it was a .357 Mag.
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    Re: The Walking Dead

    I thought for sure at one point last season that some form of inappropriate relationship was forming between Beth and Daryl. Kinda hate that it didn't!
  11. Re: Johnny Manziel Entered Treatment This Past Wednesday

    I didn't know that douchery could be treated.
  12. Re: Florida RB Adam Lane Jr craps his pants against ECU

    Watched this several times and I still don't know what the big stink is about it!
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    Re: Lou Holtz/Notre Dame

    Notre Dame has always started the season in the Top 4. But they don't ever finish there.
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    Re: AirAsia Airbus lost with 162 on board

    It appears that they fly planes about as well as they drive cars in that part of the world!
  15. Re: Interesting Stat - Saban in title games

    8 - 1 by my calculations. Still incredibley good.
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