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    Re: Coach Saban's comments affect me

    Depends on if this is considered removing clutter so you can focus.
  2. Re: Kurt Freitag caught with 112 grams of marijuana and $4,600, but not arrested

    Bingo. Root out the problems now or revert to the Shula years.
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    Re: Bama better with Lane Kiffin or worse?

    I am not sure if we are better or worse. I do not know if he is a genius whose play calling is covering for a substandard O, is a contributor to the O's poor performance or his attitude has been...
  4. Re: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly Hawg style

    Excellent post and one we should all consider. We can discuss the bad and ugly all day, but after awhile we forget the good.
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    Re: Coaches poll out

    I am too. They earned the right to be there.
  6. Re: ****Bama vs. Hogs Postgame Headache Thread****

    She is dead on.
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    Game Thread Re: ****Bama vs. Little Piggies****

    I think Arky breaks their streak today. The team just looks... I am not sure what they look like besides bad. I hope they improve the rest of the game.
  8. Game Thread Re: ****Bama vs. Ole Miss Game Thread - 2nd Half****

    Looks like Bo Wallace is the real deal.
  9. Game Thread Re: ****Bama vs. Ole Miss Game Thread - 2nd Half****

    and the hard games are coming up.

    On a good note Oklahoma is losing too.
  10. Re: Dantonio has lost my respect - Playoff Comments

    If playoff supporters did not see this coming then they are willfully blind. The playoff was never about the best teams playing, but limiting multi-conference team participation. Welcome to the...
  11. Re: first play: I'm not the only one who instantly thought this, am I?

    First thought that popped in my head.
  12. Re: The final seal of approval - Lou shezz we are the "best team in the country..."

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    Re: Throwback Thursday picture of the day

    Agree. Tebow is more than a good football player. He is an excellent explain of man and true Christian. Football wise, I 'hate' him. As a man, I appreciate him.
  14. News Article: Re: CFN: Is Jeff Driskel Ready To Pull It Off?

    This is what scares me. I fear Driskel has a Garcia performance.
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    Re: How would you grade Kiffin thus far?

    It's hard to say how he is doing at this point. The teams we have played are a combined 4-5. I still think we have work to do on our lines and all the play calling in the world will not matter if we...
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