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    Re: ILB Leo Lewis Decommits from Alabama

    It must be really difficult for young kids getting out of MS. If he recommits with us again that's great. If not, I wish him luck -- except when whatever team he plays for plays the Tide.
  2. Re: 2014 OL Brandon Kennedy Updates (Announcing Friday at 10 a.m.)

    Welcome to the Tide.
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    Re: Has Montel McBride Enrolled Yet?

    Article in Bama News section which basically says, "No news is good news." and not to expect them on campus until the end of the summer session if they qualify.

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    Link: Re: Tennesssee's new mascot

    I love Bassets and still have one, Dixie, who is similarly colored the above pic. Henry. who died in 2012. was more black/white and totally self-absorbed.
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    Re: McElroy commentary on ESPN...

    No big deal. Greg is in the learning mode of a new career. Despite being uber intelligent, it is like any job that takes time to become comfortable performing. He's talking a mile a minute and...
  6. Re: Nick Marshall cited for marijuana. NOT arrested.

    Big deal. It's marijuana and he's a student. Nuff sed
  7. Re: Tennessee committed recruit embraces rivalry, calls out Alabama

    I bet there are a bunch of things ya'll said and did when you were 18 and cringe in later years remembering your foolhardiness. I know I do. The only difference here is that this boy's ill-advised...
  8. Re: The gods of sports are cruel... (World Cup: Germany vs Brazil)

    Prior to the game, my son in law asked me if I thought Neymar would be missed. I said he would but that Brazil would miss Thiago Silver much more. I have never seen such loose marking at any level...
  9. Re: Best Punt returner out of Maze, C. Jones, or Javier Arenas

    Has to be Javier Arenas considering he missed the all time punt return record by just a few yards.
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    Re: So this Johnny Manziel photo...

    Is this much different than Joe Namath leaving a bar a couple of hours before playing a game? Just wondering.
  11. Re: Haaaaaaaaaaaappy Fourth to All My American Fellow Tide Fans!!!

    Happy 4th to ya'll. This is my first July 4th as a U.S. citizen and I was surprised that it does feel different this time. Didn't think it would after living in the US for 34 years. Not doing...
  12. Re: Ex-Auburn TE Phillip Lutzenkirchen Died in Car Crash

    Really sad news. Sincere condolences and prayers for the family
  13. Game Thread Re: USA vs. Portugal...

    Got to agree. It was an outstanding goal but rats, just 30 seconds left and we would be through to the knockout round. Now we need a point from Germany.
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    Re: auburn mascot dies

    It is sad to hear but she obviously had a long life. I agree that it is a great pregame activity and Bama would have done it as well but they couldn't find Dumbo to fly around the stadium.
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    Re: No more "kinder and gentler"?

    I know most of you are focused on the Barn/Newton saga, but what most people don't realize is that Ohio State got away with basically a tap (not a slap) on the wrist following Tattoo-gate. If that...
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