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    Link: Re: Phil Steel Preseason All SEC

    i'd put Johnson over Prescott.
  2. Re: With a little time to reflect, what are your feelings about A.J. McCarron?

    i agree with you. Blake IMO was the best we've had in my time as a Bama fan which goes back to around 1985 or so. As far as AJ goes, i have no problem with him as a person. I think he was a very good...
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    Re: Winston strikes back with a counter suit

    i never said i didnt want him to be.. i never truly followed the story. i just simply asked is there proof.
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    Re: Winston strikes back with a counter suit

    thats not proof of rape
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    Re: Winston strikes back with a counter suit

    i really havent followed this subject closely. But other than the claim of the female, is there any proof that Winston did this?
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    Re: NCAA Approves 3 New Bowl Games

    i'll take it. i cant get enough of holiday season football
  7. Re: Undrafted Free Agent Signings for SEC Players & Players of Note

    IIRC Florida led the way..I want to say Bama was in the top 5 which inlcudes the norms of Texas, Ga, and Cali
  8. Re: Mayweather vs Pacquiao on internet live stream?

    Mayweather won rather easily. but tons of people are complaining that Manny won.. No idea what fight they were watching.
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    Re: Coach Johnson is the Man for the Job

    i like what i'm seeing so far. but what i like most is how our program will be thought of instead of an afterthought to the media. we're getting roll tides and shout outs on the NBA pregame and...
  10. Re: Former Alabama Player Trevor Lacey Declares for NBA Draft

    with his age, he probably figures he needs to make a move to a level higher than college even if it is overseas or Dleague. he only has about 5 years left in his prime as far as athletic ability...
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    Re: CBS best HC ranking

    i dont buy Gus anywhere near the top 10. his offense is very imaginative. but his 2 year record with a couple of those being lucky wins does not warrant this ranking for him. JMHO and he has time to...
  12. Re: Final Four games thread (Duke/Sparty and Bucky/Big Blue)

    anyone know exactly why the game is on 3 channels?
  13. Re: If the Cincinnati Bengals 'wake up,' could AJ McCarron be their quarterback in 20

    folks. it would take a complete meltdown from Dalton for AJ to "take" his spot. Dalton isnt Manning. But he's not chopped liver either. injuries could change everything though
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    Re: Woodlawn Movie

    i'll be checking this one out as well
  15. Re: NFL Network's David Jeremiah Gives Critique of Bama DL

    yeh.. its just hard for 300 lb DE's to get off blocks trying to make a play on a screen pass. or even trying to get into position to make a tkl on a read option play once the play is beyond the LOS.....
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