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    Re: 2014 Roster announced

    The transition is always easiest for guards who can shoot in my opinion but you are right about never knowing about freshman. The fact that we have so many people lumped into that freshman class...
  2. Re: Alabama Offers SF Jeff Garrett a Scholarship

    Yes they could play together. I believe Coach Grant's substitution may be based on what position can you guard. With a complete roster and if he can guard perimeter players (which the article...
  3. Re: Coker has committed to Alabama...

    1st year starters at QB are winning big time nowadays. This makes me feel even better with whomever wins the qb battle. We're going back to the ship 2015. RTR
  4. Re: Basketball - Men's Basketball Defeats LSU, 82-80

    We win when we get good 2nd and 3rd option production from other players besides Releford. Hope Cooper and Hale bring it on the road.
  5. Re: Bama Commit Justin Coleman on Bham TV Monday night

    I believe his penetration and passing is not highlighted as much b/c his team needs him to score. Coach AG has gotten great production and development from the pg position since he has been at...
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    Game Thread Re: Alabama vs. TTU: ESPN2

    You are correct but that is Releford's game. He has always been more of a creator for himself than for others. Just look at his career assists. One of the bigger differences with this team than...
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    Game Thread Re: Alabama vs. TTU: ESPN2

    we look like we are adjusting to the new rule changes. When we go small our quickness bails us out and allows us to shoot more free throws. CAG already teaches us to move our feet so we looked...
  8. Re: Basketball Early Signing Period Starts Today (11/13)

    thats fantastic. hopefully they come in as advertised. perimeter shooting has been a weakness ours for awhile.
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    Re: Prediction On The Season?

    I predict the newcomers start to gel and their roles increase throughout the season. Levi comes back and picks up where he left off. And we hit the SEC schedule fast and furious. 25 wins and NCAA...
  10. Link: Re: Alabama Freshman DL Dee Liner Likely To Lose His Redshirt Against Tennessee..SIAP

    With A'shawn and Johnathan Allen already making plays, this class of dlineman has the potential to be our most dynamic at making plays behind the line of scrimmage. Hope they all stay for 4 years.
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    Re: Few weeks away from gameday

    and tho our bench doesn't go far, i expect better contributions. i think our team will look and feel a lot better b/c we have more players that actually contribute on offense and defense. seems the...
  12. Link: Re: Levi Randolph Out for "Several Weeks" After Injuring Knee

    Hopefully this builds confidence for our less experienced players b/c we will need to rely on them later on in the season for our postseason push. still lookin for at least 25 wins this year.
  13. Re: Fran Fraschilla Quote about Michael Kessens

    I like that we are starting to collect a good amount of offensively gifted big men on the team now. Our team defense will always be good with Coach Grant but the more players who can score on their...
  14. Re: Basketball - Alabama Falls To Rouen, 76-72, In Euro Tour Finale

    Perhaps the style and the talent level took us by surprise in the 4th game and by the 5th game we were adjusted.
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    Re: a couple of videos of the team

    Jimmy at 240 lbs and a solid back to the basket move with the lil turnaround left hook is good enough to earn mins this season. Algie looks good at being a secondary ball handler. System fit can be...
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