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  1. Re: The "real" reason Amazon out sells Walmart.....

  2. News Article: Re: Dak Prescott: MSU Just Needed One More Drive to Beat Alabama

    If i remember right...mullen allowed time to run out. Kinda like he was happy with a "close" loss. Am i mis-remembering?
  3. News Article: Re: 2015 RB Xavian Marks Joins the Football Team

    Which was really my point. Don't take it personally...i was just trying to point out the diff era's.
  4. News Article: Re: 2015 RB Xavian Marks Joins the Football Team

    Yes i do. I also remember a big offensive tackle at the time was 250 pounds...
  5. Re: Memphis Mayor Wants to Dig Up Dead Confederate War General

    How many people did george call a "honky" in that episode? I kid, but really...the CAR on a show is removed because it's racist...but george used the term honky just about every episode...yet, it's...
  6. Re: How would you describe President Obama in one word?

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    Link: Re: 1913 Gettysburg reunion...

    dang, where's that LIKE button!
  8. Re: Google Announces Plans to Build $600 Million Center in Jackson County, Alabama

    Question is...will vince vaugn and owen wilson be assigned there after winning the internship competition. Or better yet will Tiya Sircar?? :eek:
  9. Re: The attrition at running back continues: Desherrius Flowers is ineligible this fa

    I think Chris Anderson was there with Coach Stallings? Seems I remember him having a 1000 yard season maybe? I don't remember UA having a scat back play against the barn...I do remember the barn...
  10. Link: Re: 25 things we did as kids that would get someone arrested today

    He was...but that cat with both the AR and the 1911 was the MAN! Two weapons at the same time. :PDT_Armataz_09: on
  11. Link: Re: 25 things we did as kids that would get someone arrested today

    I did every one of those on the list...and a few that weren't!
  12. Re: Link: Let The Battle Begin: David Cornwell (speaks very highly of his progress)

    We are doing this with both of my sons. They work out with former wr nikita stover. He's developed position specific workouts for them and is doing well enough that he's started doing it full time...
  13. Re: Why our country is screwed - Disney imports Indians to replace US workers

    Well, in truth, i wonder if the workers would have paid their expenses if it wasn't taken out of their salary? $8/hr at even 50 hours is just $400/week. What was the cost of housing and...
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    Re: How Bama Makes Them Quit.

    Then you bought his act.
  15. Re: Idaho School System Buys Rifles and Ammo for Schools

    But then again, they're being pro-active and i agree with it. :cool2:
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