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  1. Re: David Feherty Describes Moment He Became An Alabama Fan

    I was at the UGA game in '07. The first big game I ever went to and the only loss I've ever been in attendance for. I sat with my friend in the student section right where the guy caught the pass in...
  2. Re: Mom beats toddler at Chinese restaurant

    Article says this is a restaurant in China. I don't know what their laws are for child abuse, but I know they don't mess around with drugs. I've heard they'll simply put on in your head if you're...
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    Re: SEC Football impressive majors

    If Journalism is the most impressive that UGA has to choose from, I wonder what the others are majoring in.
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    Re: The Walking Dead

    Just saw the new episode last night. I think they're setting up Glenn for death this season. His demeanor has changed, and I think that's there way of making the audience detach from him.
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    Link: Re: Jordan gets tough...

    Ha I thought the same thing (Michael Jordan rather than the country)
  6. Re: AU fans are convinced Kick-6 was the beginning of the end for Saban/Alabama

    And just who gave you permission to classify anything as "classy"? Who do you think you are, Barrett Jones?
  7. Link: Re: Man Sells LSU Game-Worn Equipment on eBay & Goes to Jail Instead of Revealing Sou

    I was confused about why the police were involved in this until I read that the equipment belongs to the school and not the student.
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    Game Thread Re: Oregon v.s. Ohio State for the Title

    Personally I hope urban doesn't figure it out. My boss is a Cowboys fan and an OSU fan. I'd love to see both teams go down back to back
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    Game Thread Re: Oregon v.s. Ohio State for the Title

    I actually think oregons uniforms look pretty sharp today.
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    Re: Who are you pulling for in the NC game?

    Will not be cheering for either team, but I will watch as a neutral viewer. I just hope it's an interesting game either way.
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    Link: Re: Winston going pro

    Ask for forgiveness? What he needs is to have his butt thrown in jail for his mistakes.
  12. Re: ****Official Game Thread - Bama vs. Ohio State - 2nd Half****

    Only 5 yards. They had 14 to go for a first
  13. Re: ONE LAST TRY ****Official Game Thread - Bama vs. Ohio State - 2nd Half****

  14. Re: ****Official Game Thread - Bama vs. Ohio State - 2nd Half****

    Coming out throwing. I wondered why they didn't just throw every down.
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    Re: Total Humuliation

    Not defending him, but he was one of the few that congratulated Oregon.
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