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  1. Question: Depth Chart for 2016 (Direct all depth chart discussion here)

    Can some of the more knowledgeable members put together a mock depth chart for next year?

  2. Question: Think we will see Bo Scarbough the rest of the way? (SEC Championship and Playoffs)

    I trust Coach Saban's judgement just thought we might see Bo in the Auburn game. When I watch Bo run he seems very similar to Henry (as other threads have said). The concern I have is Drake not...
  3. News Article: Re: Alabama's Defense on a Roll Braces for Dak Prescott

    It's my understanding that Dak represents 70% of their offense. Seems to me you focus on stopping Dak from doing the things he does best and you have a really good chance to win. Outside of that it...
  4. Game Thread Re: Official Pre-Game Thread - Bama v. Ole Miss...

    Roll Tide Roll!!!!!!!!!!
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    Question: Re: When to blitz the QB if you're Alabama

    Ok, I like both answers from Ballguy and uafan4life...I have considered these ideas as well. Now, the question inside a question....if we face a good passing team like UM and we don't knuckle down...
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    Question: When to blitz the QB if you're Alabama

    Ok, I'm asking a question that I often wonder about. I noticed Bama has a tendency to rush the passer in the 2nd half instead of various times during the entire game. I would like to hear everyones...
  7. Re: Question About the Offensive Production of Ole Miss

    Concerning the OM offense and the game this Saturday...the best plan we can have is maintaining long scoring drives and keeping them off the field.
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    Game Thread Re: Official Game Thread - Bama vs. MTSU...

    Wow! The announcer is so against Bama....and its the SEC network! He should be fired!!!
  9. Question: Re: What do you think our first offensive play from scrimmage will be?

    I've always thought a run into the middle of the line was a wasted play...that is if it doesn't gain much. However, if it gains big yards then it was a smart play.
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    Re: So Who Wins It? Oregon Or Ohio State?

    Honestly, I think OSU saved Bama from getting embarrassed by Oregon. I think Oregon is better than Bama this year....the thing is....they are better than OSU as well. I was very impressed with how...
  11. Re: ****Official Pregame Thread - Bama vs. OSU****

    Roll Tide Roll....marching to number 16!
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    Game Thread Re: Monday Night Games

    Yeah, glad to see them getting dusted...maybe you can lose a game because your team isn't into it:rolleye2:
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    Re: Merry Christmas...Fron Dan Mullims

    "That's really nice Clark"
  14. Re: Ohio State fans really playing up their underdog role and lack of respect

    I've always appreciated your opinions support your team but it isn't without understanding the facts. I know Bama has dominated in these Championship games in the last several years...
  15. Link: Re: Barn has offered Muschamp (update: supposedly has accepted)

    This will be a train wreck in the end.
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