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  1. Link: Re: 15 for '15: College football coaches on the hot seat

    How the heck does Norm Chow keep getting HC jobs???
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    Re: Student chooses Bama vs Ivy League

    I taught this kid this year. Very proud of him for making this mature decision for himself.
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    Re: Class of 2016 Reference Sheet

    Or an early signing period.
  4. Re: Whats the most impactful play from the Nick Saban era?

    Rocky Block, Julio down the sidelines vs LSU or the drive vs Auburn
  5. Re: Saddam's hanging rope has been bid for $7M

    This certainly is a great football-related thread...
  6. Re: ***Daylon Charlot signs with Alabama ***

    The 5 greatest wide receivers of all time...Daylon, Daylon, Daylon, Daylon, and Daylon (Chappelle Show reference).
  7. Re: Tenpenny and Faciane no longer with the team

    Will this allow us to sign more in this recruiting class? Not sure how that works.
  8. Re: ATH Kerryon Johnson Commits to Auburn (Update: Page 6)

    You would think that more kids would be smart about this when it comes to playing multiple positions. Running back value in the NFL is in the toilet. Becoming a great safety is the best way to...
  9. Re: *** RB Damien Harris Commits to Alabama ***

    What about Lance Thompson's departure? Will that affect any current commits/recruits?
  10. Re: BOL: Lance Thompson Leaving to go to Auburn

    I know this isn't the Recruiting Forum but does anyone think this will affect any current recruits/commits?
  11. Re: Which Underclassmen do you Expect to Declare for the Draft?

    When do we think these declarations will be made?
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    Re: 2015 WR Lawrence Cager Update

    As predicted, he committed to Miami.
  13. Link: Re: Oh Lord! The Bourbon St. story I didn't want to hear...

    Not to nitpick, but Popeye's was founded in N.O. The original restaurant is there.
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    Re: John Chavis gets Paid

    According to Clay Travis...yes, I know...Chavis to A&M is a done deal.
  15. Link: Re: Oh Lord! The Bourbon St. story I didn't want to hear...

    I love this board but there are some prudes on here sometimes. This is a non-story. It's not like he said he was downing hurricanes and hanging out at Larry Flint's. Relax.
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