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    Link: Re: At Auburn, Athletics and Academics Collide

    Auburn easily has the most corrupt athletic program of all time. Scandal, after scandal, after scandal.
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    Link: Re: Wall Street Journal exposes possible academic fraud at Auburn

    The athletes are the real losers here. They had the opportunity to get a real education and better themselves, yet chose to just get by.
  3. Re: Breaking News: Reporter and Photographer Killed During Live TV Interview In Virgi

  4. Re: Here's What Fear The Walking Dead Won't Show

    This show is about a bunch of California yuppies trying to survive a zombie apocalypse. This shouldn't last long.
  5. Re: Fall Practice Updates (Practice reports, Interviews, and Scrimmage Notes)

    AJ McCarron redshirted and he was apparently #2 in 2009.
  6. Link: Re: AJ McCarron and Jameis Winston to square off tonight on ESPN

    Cincy has a bad team. It'll take some time for AJ to knock off the rest. He had a decent game last night considering. Wallace Gilberry and Dre Kirkpatrick also made a few plays.
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    Re: QB battle at Scrimmage #2...

    I remember being impressed with Morris' accuracy on his HS recruiting videos.
  8. Re: UCLA Head Coach Jim Mora publicly blasts QB

    I watched the Elite 11 camp last year. The knock on Rosen was that he thinks he knows more than the coaches and had sort of a pompous attitude. Maybe Mora just doesn't like him.
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    Re: SEC West order

    You win!
  10. Re: Fall Practice Updates (Practice reports, Interviews, and Scrimmage Notes)

    Blake Sims was also a much better passer that most gave him credit for.
  11. Re: Jacob Kennedy #2 Reciever in Louisiana last season CLASS OF 2017

    Whatever you do, don't Google Bearenstein Bears.
  12. Re: Gus Malzahn says Auburn 'should have put 60' on Alabama in 2014

    Actually, Gus, you should be 0-2 against Bama.
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    Re: Basketball Board

    We have a basketball board? Who knew?
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    Re: My take on where the QB job is at...

    Is there any player in college football under more pressure and scrutiny than the starting quarterback at The University of Alabama?
  15. Re: 2016 CB/ATH Shyheim Carter Decommits from Alabama

    I imagine it's really difficult for these guys to come in and work as hard as they do and not get to play right away, but that's just validation of how solid the program is.
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