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    Re: ESPN college pick'em

    I'm in. So ready for this season.
  2. Re: McCarron had a good combine. A lot of compliments.

    I think Manziel's pro career will look a lot like RG III's. Will come out hot, get smashed a few times, come back and do ok, then more injuries will pretty much wind him up. I say he doesn't make...
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    Re: Norwood Runs 4.39-40 At Combine

    Just checked

    His vertical leap was 33" and his broad jump as 10' 1".....not bad
  4. Re: Cyrus K not starting off very good at combine.

    Didn't see your thread on this and just made one myself. Cyrus really isn't doing well at all and, actually, seems to be the worst prospect I've seen based on the drills they have run so far.
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    I have an E-350, too, and agree with you so much. The ride of this car is so far beyond anything else I've ever owned.
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    Re: Anybody got eyes on NFL Combine info?

    Yeah, but I don't think the workouts start till Saturday. I looked at the schedule and looked like the first few days were all physicals and testing.
  7. Re: If Auburn Fans won't shop at Rashaan Evans' Family Store, Bama Fans will!

    Got to admit I'll purposely avoid spending money anywhere I can tell is an aubie run company. I'm afraid that even one cent will wind up at that cow college.

    For example, there's a little bed and...
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    I agree. I have a Mercedes and if I was in the market for another one I'd try to buy it from Saban's place.
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    Blog: Re: The one Auburn stole from Bama

    I'm just amazed at the abject stupidity of driving 13 mph over the speed limit with 7 oz of weed under the seat and everyone in the car stoned.

    Blows my mind.
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    Re: Get ready for another title run.

    I agree. With three games to start the season that we should win will give the new guys some valuable game experience before we get into the meat of the schedule.

    All depends on how quickly they...
  11. Re: Anyone else worried about Bo Scarbrough's commitment?

    Really happy this happened just the way you guys said it would.

  12. Re: ***Official Alabama LOI's Received Thread*** (will open NSD)

    Awesome. This has been a great signing day and a tremendous class.
  13. Re: ***Official Alabama LOI's Received Thread*** (will open NSD)

    Yep. Nice, huh?
  14. Re: ***Official Alabama LOI's Received Thread*** (will open NSD)

    Ah...I see. Thanks.
  15. Re: ***Official Alabama LOI's Received Thread*** (will open NSD)

    on the Big Board, what are those logos to the right of the players names?
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