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    Tennessee Week - a little inspiration

    Please indulge my annual post of this timely excerpt from The Tuscaloosa News, (Sunday October 19, 1980).

    It should get you ready for Saturday.

    I still well up a bit every time I read this....
  2. Question: What are the odds ... (Drake / Prothro injuries)

    of two players from the same school catching an 87-yard TD pass on the first offensive play of a game against Florida, winding up with horrific leg injuries shortly thereafter?:(
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    Question: Fumbled kick-off return

    I didn't get a good view, but we still argued about it a good bit at my house. Was the kickoff going out of bounds? If it had, where would we have gotten the ball, since Ole Miss was backed up 15...
  4. Re: 1964 Alabama AP and UPI National Championship reunion

    This is the first team I saw in person. In a 1964 black-and-white TV and newspaper world, seeing those crimson (really, crimson) jerseys and helmets, white pants and black shoes pour out on to that...
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    Re: Throwback Thursday picture of the day

    Please excuse going off topic here - how do you insert pictures in a post? Is "insert image" from a URL the only way? I have some offline private stock I need to share ...
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    Re: Best Jersey Number In Alabama History?

    The official 1934 team photo shows Bryant wearing #12. Another photo from 1933 (perhaps) shows Bryant wearing 12, standing next to Don Hutson, wearing #37 (The Crimson Tide, Winston Groom). The...
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    Re: What is Your Favorite Kind of Win?

    On the road, as an underdog, and we empty the stadium by about the middle of the third quarter.

    Of course, the underdog part is hard to come by these days.
  8. Re: SIAP.."Mama Called" Bear Bryant Documentary Airs Tonight At 7 On PBS

    Notice in the trailer at 1:15, two LSU cheerleaders giddily approach Coach Bryant to shake the hand, not of a bitter rival, a despised foe, but of a legend, a true celebrity. And of course, he...
  9. Re: Eight of Alabama's Nine Losses Have a Common Theme Based on Opponents

    Question for someone with too much time on their hands - what is our record against all teams that ultimately won at least 10 games, since 2008?
  10. Re: With Our Schedule - And a Weak Lot of opposing QBs - Where do we lose 2 games?

    The mid-season stretch where 4 out of 5 games are on the road. Say what you will about the relative strengths of those teams, but road games are different. Although we have historically been far...
  11. Re: Bama Is A 7-5 Vegas Favorite To Win The SEC. Auburn Is 5-1.

    They definitely have it down to a science. The odds are not really a reflection of team strength, but how the betting public will perceive the teams and place their wagers accordingly. It looks like...
  12. Thread: Linebacker U

    by Bamagator

    Re: Linebacker U

    I also would like to mention an underrated, under-appreciated Thomas Boyd (#90, I think). Had 19 tackles against Notre Dame in 1980. Career - 324 tackles, 120 tackles in 1980. Super solid.

  13. Thread: Linebacker U

    by Bamagator

    Re: Linebacker U

    Not in the same league physically perhaps, but I remember #54 Mike Hall. Played 1966-68. Picture-perfect form tackling, hard hitting, extreme nose for the football, and oh yeah, caught passes as a...
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    Poll: Re: Best Bama Team of the 1970s?

    In terms of talent - watch some film of the 1977 team and drool. Ozzie Newsome, Johnny Davis, Tony Nathan, and pretty much the same super solid defense as 1978. One mistake-filled early season game...
  15. Re: Former Bama player Joe King in serious condition after car wreck

    At the 1986 Penn St.-Alabama game, I was sitting on the rail, first row in the north end zone. I believe Penn State was in the Top 10 and so were we, undefeated at the time. Early in the first...
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