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    Re: Shutting Down Williams and Coates

    Auburns defense is the same it had last year. I think they have been run down through this gauntlet of a schedule. You better believe they'll be rejuvenated for the iron bowl. If duke can play, it...
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    Re: Vols Players Suspected of Rape

    Any chance a booster or someone stepped in and paid the girl off to not press charges? It seems this could be a good way to keep UT's best player on the field and a good way to bribe and make a lot...
  3. Re: BET, Or Anybody, Concerning The Changes At Florida.....

    Jimbo got fired too?? I guess since he can't win any big games.
  4. Re: I WANT TO SAY SOMETHING ABOUT GUS !!!! And i am wanting everone's input.

    I think Ellis Johnson is a good defensive coordinator. He turned SC around and was effective at Alabama. I just think that when you have a HUNH offense on the field, it doesn't give the defense...
  5. Re: Recruits Planning to Visit Tuscaloosa for the MSU Game

    I think Lane has to repair his reputation a little before he can reach his potential. I don't think his coaching ability was ever really questioned, but I think Saban had the short leash on Kiffin...
  6. Re: For an F.S.U. Football Player, a Hit-and-Run Becomes Two Traffic Tickets

    First Jameis Winston gets out of his many transgressions. Delays hearing til after the season.
    Then Karlos Williams domestic violence case gets dropped with no punishment or consequence.
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    Re: Gary Danielson on the Alabama-LSU Game

    I respect Gary's analysis. I think LSU has improved a lot since the Florida and AU games. They run the same kind of offense and better defense than Arkansas. We had trouble with it. I think LSU's...
  8. Re: Tennessee Week - a little inspiration

    That scenario sounded a lot like last week. Mon, Tues, and Wed practices were not very good according to Jalston Fowler. But he said Thursday was a lot more tenacity and focus. I hope we get...
  9. Link: Re: UNC Announces Academic Fraud Investigation Findings

    This could get very ugly. There goes UNC basketball.:eek2:
  10. Re: What happens if there is a three way tie in the west?

    Here is the order of tie-breaker rules if you wanted to look them up again. I think it gets too complicated. They should be able...
  11. Re: What kind of cigar do you have on standby?

    I always go pick up a few just before the game. The same shop expects me every year. They know if they see me, it is the 3rd SAt. in October. I'll pass them out after the game and enjoy the...
  12. JessN: Re: Projected Depth Chart for Alabama vs. Tennessee

    I thought the same thing. I think Kelly plays. Playing on the road can make a big difference. This year feels a lot like last year with Chad Lindsey.
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    Re: Road Vs. Home, What are the Issues..?

    I also think losing Ryan Kelly had something to do with it. The closer a team gets to each other, the better road team they become. They start to play for each other instead of playing for...
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    Re: Who were the A&M visitors?

    Glad to see. I wonder if there is any chance for Cece Jefferson also. It sounded like Cece and Byron might be teaming up.
  15. Re: Alabama's young, hurt, and might fall out of contention. Everything's fine

    I'm sorry, but this just sounds like a lot of excuses. Quit looking for excuses. Ole miss was the better team even though we had a chance to win. Bama is just not playing very well right now. ...
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