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    Re: CNS talks about helping DJ Pettway

    I have mixed feelings. I'm glad he was kicked off. I'm glad he worked hard after being kicked off. I'm glad that he's apparently learned from his mistakes. Considering he was part of a group (his...
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    Re: Ohio State OC Tim Herman Takes Houston HC Job

    It is Urban's offense. There may be a small distraction, but I don't think it affects much.
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    Re: Michigan reaches out to LSU's Les Miles

    If I were Les, I might look to bail since the SEC is getting tougher, but Michigan is not the place I'd go. The instate rival is more talented; your primary rival is significantly more talented and...
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    Re: My Thoughts on Alabama and playoff.....

    I don't think TCU played the tougher schedule. Didn't they play more bowl eligible teams?
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    Re: CFP Selection Show watch thread

    Same. The others are good matchups. The Fiesta got stuck with the leftovers it seems.
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    Question: Re: I got my tickets!!!

    Are they on stubhub? Or is this through REC or Tide Pride?
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    Game Thread Re: Kansas State @ Baylor

    they should. The big 12 is a joke and OSU is proving they are a great team regardless of QB.
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    Re: ****Bama vs. Mizzou - Post-Game Thread****

    Roll Tide!! Great win!!
  9. Link: Re: Barn has offered Muschamp

    the 7 you mention are definitely tougher games than the others, but they'll beat Arky at a minimum. They likely beat a&m and ole miss too. I'd peg them between 8-4 and 10-2.
  10. Re: Alabama offensive lineman named Academic All-American

    Awesome!! Great job by Arie K.!! He has represented the University well!!
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    Question: Re: Bo Scarborough eligibility start date

    I'm almost certain he's not eligible to play in January even as an EE. Moot point.

    As far as access, he's not enrolled at UA as far as I know, so he wouldn't have access anyway. He's not really a...
  12. Re: NY Grand Jury no bills cop who choked man for allegedly selling cigarettes illega

    I have no sympathy for Brown, but the cop in this case crossed several lines. The victim still wasn't fully compliant, but the officer used way more than reasonable or necessary force.
  13. Re: NY Grand Jury no bills cop who choked man for allegedly selling cigarettes illega

    The grand jury can ask questions. If they wanted to know something, unlike a trial jury, they can ask. So saying it is evidence chosen only by the prosecutor is incorrect. He/She can frame it a...
  14. Link: Re: Barn has offered Muschamp

    Isn't WM due like $5mil as a buyout from UF if he doesn't get a coaching job for a year? I'm sure the school wanting him can do some sort of bonus, but no way would it equal the money he'd get from...
  15. Re: Which Underclassmen do you Expect to Declare for the Draft?

    Yep. Yeldon has been awesome for us, but with new rookie contracts being relatively low to recent years and the shorter career prospects, TJ should go pro. He's done well for us and he probably isn't...
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