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  1. Re: Coach Saban has created a generation of young super fans.

    I have a 3rd grade daughter and losing and Alabama is something she can't understand. So glad. I grew up at her age in the 70's and we all know about that. What a great time we are living in!!!!! ...
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    Re: Alabama @ Dayton Game Thread (Noon central tip)

    I liken this to when CNS came on board in 2007. We were a little above 500 that year and it took some great recruiting to get us over the hump. CAJ will get us there. Be patient and RTR.
  3. Re: LSU Coach Les Miles May Be Coaching For His Job (Per Baton Rouge Advocate)

    Never knew curry had a zenith LOL
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    Re: Projected Birmingham Bowl Opponents

    ^^^^^^^Like Your Thinking^^^^^^^
  5. Re: Barrett Sallee thinks SEC should play 9 conference games

    If the playoff is expanded to 8 (and at some point it will be) and regular season schedules get harder scholarships need to be raised to 100 instead of 85. A lot of folks are banged up right now and...
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    Re: Alabama-Auburn - 2:30 Kickoff on CBS

    After watching FOX destroy the US Open last summer I can see why the Pac 12 and Big 12 hate them so we are lucky in that respect. What I would give to have Keith Jackson and Frank Broyles one more...
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    Re: How Have We Grown? A Look Back At Wisconsin.

    Mullaney has been big for us. He doesn't catch a lot of balls but I think he has been important in the development of Ridley, Stewart and co.
  8. Poll: Re: Which Playoff Contenders Takes a Hit This Week? (This Time Multiple Picks)

    Ohio State will lose one of their last 3, maybe even 2. Hopefully shutting up galloway and little danny.
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    Re: Projected Birmingham Bowl Opponents

    There is no way the SEC would let them refuse to play in that game. Would love to hammer them on the 28th and send them there. Thanks Jay Jacobs and keep up the good work.
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    Re: Injury status of Drake and Wilson?

    I give Mullen credit on his finding Wilson. Granted he only played 1 year high school football, but what a player. Hope he is ok.
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    Re: Projected Birmingham Bowl Opponents

    They should change the name to the "Buyout Bowl" and have gene chizik flip the coin.
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    Re: What do we know about Charleston Southern?

    Hope we keep Kenyan Drake in the press box. Never seen a kid have worse luck....
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    Re: On Kenyan Drake's injury: I've had it...

    Not arguing with CNS but with all the 4 and 5 star folks we got on the roster, surely we can dig up 10 folks for kickoff and punt coverage?
  14. Re: Was Bruce Arians fired for one call, mob rules, a bad OC or weak head coach?

    Man, I wish I didn't have to that about that again. I felt and still feel sorry for Scissum.
  15. Re: Is Auburn Improving OR Does A&M Make Everybody Look Good?

    If Richt loses he may be done this time.
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