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    Re: Mizzou suspends DGB

    Pressure to succeed, pressure to perform, poor role models, idolization, kids make poor choices, addictive personalities. Mix, mash, stir, repeat. There, you have a good chunk of college athletes....
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    Re: Altee TenPenny in trouble with the law

    Unfortunate. As life would have it, I met a guy who said he was Altee's next door neighbor in Arkansas. The guy was convinced Altee was moving to defense. He said Altee was a really nice kid, but he...
  3. Re: Deadspin Article on UNC Athlete's Final Paper

    I'll offer up the counter example, just to show not all athletes are only interested in sports. I had a class with Kris Mangum at UA, who was a pretty good student and received no favoritism that I...
  4. Re: Northwestern Could Drop D-1 Football, If Players Form union

    So, many of you obviously have a negative view of unions, and you are projecting that view on Northwestern's potential choice. But, what are the actual PLUSES of to a move to unionize for the...
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    Re: Reviewing the LSU and Auburn Game films....

    The other, other factor very few non-athletes understand is you cannot be at peak physical form for 14 weeks for any endurance sport. At best you can be at peak form for 2-3 weeks, and the rest is...
  6. Re: Could Basketball Become a One Semester Sport?

    More scoring won't bring more bodies in to watch the games. I don't know why 70-80 points isn't enough. I find the NBA lack of defense makes their games very boring.

    "Shaheen thinks more...
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    Re: Tennessee Football Bus On Campus

    So is their campus...
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    Re: Viles are Haunted

    I quite enjoyed watching Basketball at Alabama when I was there. Unfortunately, it was during the Hobbs era. But, it was still fun to go to the games. I enjoyed football more, but the roundball is...
  9. Re: Next Season's Schedule Breakdown Has Some Tough Spots

    Yeah, we probably won't even bring our first string to most of those scrimmages. Save 'em for the post season.:cool:
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    Re: Changing the Extra Point

    How about just narrowing the goal posts (or add a second set that are very narrow). That'll reduce some of the point after success. Or we could just play football and stop worrying about fixing...
  11. Re: New Idea for Rules Committee to Address Pace of Play

    I really hope we or someone takes advantage of this loophole and forces another team's defense to play every series with the same personnel without rotating anyone. Run the line of scrimmage, force...
  12. Re: Rules Committee recommends 10 second substitution window

    It boils down to one team deciding on personnel on the field for the other team, yet being able to change their own personnel at will. That's just not a equitable and realistic rule, so it has to...
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    Re: Lorenzo Carter?

    Lorenzo Carter | Norcross (Ga.)
    Scout300: #23 | | #5 DE
    Finalists: Florida, Florida State, Georgia, LSU
    Announcing: 2/5 - Signing Day - 3:45 p.m. ET
  14. Re: Should Alabama football players join the players' union?

    It's certainly coming, and these types of questions make the looking into unionizing a serious issue. I can certainly say if I was earning less than $20k a year, and my boss's boss was making over $4...
  15. Link: Re: Pete Carroll Weighs In On Medicinal Pot Use In The NFL

    I'm not excited by the prospect of more drugs being available. But I'm also not interested in making the ownership/use of drugs illegal. I am in favor of making driving, operating machinery, having...
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