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  1. Re: Video: Alabama Freshman Quarterback Blake Barnett Has A Ridiculously Strong Arm |
  2. Re: Ohio State Suspends Four Players for Season Opener Against Va Tech

    Meh, the game should still be a massive blowout. Not only is OSU a far superior team, they also have the revenge factor on their side. VaTech would have to play the game of their lives, and even then...
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    Re: 2015 Preseason USAToday Coaches Poll

    I like that positioning, personally would have been fine at 4-5 as well. I'd rather the team go into this season with the feeling of having something to prove.

    I do find it interesting that Arky...
  4. News Article: Re: 2015 RB Xavian Marks Joins the Football Team

    Would be excited to see a true speedster on the offense if he's used the right way. Personally I doubt he'll see the field much if any this year, but if he can put on 15-20 lbs of muscle under...
  5. Re: tOSU's starting 22 would dominate Alabama's again this year.

    We are talented, but there are reasons for the doubt. We lost 7 starters on offense, we have the toughest schedule in the nation, our defense returns a lot, but we now have even younger players than...
  6. Re: Adidas Ruins Another Uniform. This Time the Victim is UCLA

    Meh, bad, but I've seen worse. Adidas is on its last legs in college football, especially after losing big schools like Notre Dame and Tennessee. So expect them to be grasping at straws trying to...
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    Re: The Saga of Ole Miss LT Laremy Tunsil

    I agree with you. It sounds to me like the stepfather and stepson don't get along, and they are now out for blood. Both sides are also lawyering up per another article I read. I don't doubt that some...
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    Re: The Saga of Ole Miss LT Laremy Tunsil

    Sounds like Tunsil's step father has a vendetta against him. Either that or Hugh Freeze was given the biggest snow job since Boston last winter. His stepfather claims that the fight wasn't about his...
  9. Re: More Trouble for Rolando - Suspended First Four Games of Season

    At this point I almost have to question his sanity. Hes already been suspended before. He already has a very short leash to begin with. Now he goes and does this? He's asking to to throw his career...
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    Link: Re: SECís current 5-star players

    If only 5 star talent always translated to 5 star performance.

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  11. Link: Re: Alabama has exclusive rights to Cowboys Classic in 2019 or 2020

    Basically means that we will have priority in scheduling. We are required contractually to play there at least one of the 2 years, but in doing so we are guaranteed a million dollars more than our...
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    Re: Future Season Opener Opponents

    I'm stoked for this matchup! Both teams have been recruiting at a very high level, and should still be two premier teams in the country even 2 years from now. Assuming of course that Coach Saban is...
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    Re: LSU starting qb arrested

    I swear, some kids are just flat stupid. There are things I can chalk up as a youthful mistake, but burglary is not one of them.

    Big hit for LSU. He wasn't that good of a quarterback, but they...
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    Re: Bama vs Ole Miss time announced

    I hate those late games. Prime time tv was much better when the late games started at 7:45 or 8. Now they are constantly getting later. At least it's the weekend, but it still sucks.

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  15. Re: Mark May Out On ESPN College Gameday Final

    I was nearly depressed when I heard this. I know a lot of people hated Lou Holtz, but I personally loved the way Rece, Mark May, and Lou worked together. They were knowledgeable, in-depth, and they...
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